Friday, April 13, 2012

Sharing your story... Faith Matters: Power Up for PCOS e-book on faith and PCOS

     Each one of us as women with PCOS has a story to tell, and each day, another chapter of our personal story is written in our lives.  When it comes to the common theme of PCOS that we each share, each one of us also has a personal story of how we were diagnosed and what we have faced after hearing that the struggles we were facing in our lives could be named with those four big letters: PCOS.

     When learning to come to grips with and live with this thing called PCOS, many of us have discovered or more deeply turned to our faith to bring us peace, strength, and purpose in it all.  Without our faith and the ability to see things from a more spiritual perspective, we could not and would not have been able to face this challenge and, even, in some cases, rise above it to use our struggles to help others.  

     Our community needs Hope and the ability to see that PCOS does not mean the end to your dreams, desires, and life as you know it.  Through the sharing of our personal triumphs and our stories of coming to a deeper faith through PCOS, we can impact our PCOS community in a positive way and create a community of Hope in one another. By looking inward and writing from our heart and then looking up to our God, I believe that we will find a huge release and healing to be found in expressing our personal life story of PCOS and faith.

     We need to hear from you!  Each one of us has a special contribution to building the Hope and Faith in each other in the Power Up for PCOS community - and - in sharing your story, you will touch so many lives and create such a positive impact on the lives of women with PCOS.   The Power Up for PCOS leadership wants to collect your special stories of Faith and compile them into an e-book to share with a wider audience of our PCOS community - and in sharing your story with us, you can be a part of this special project!

      To learn more, please look here and contact us with any questions!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

---Gina Weeks and Beth Wolf