Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 10

So this is it.  The last challenge of the Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge.  You all have done so amazing.  I could not be prouder of you.

Which brings me to some comments that I have read about this challenge.  Some have said that they are sad this challenge is ending.  Why does it have to end?  Why can't you just take over from here and challenge yourself every day.  Throughout this challenge, you have discovered lots about yourself and what you really need for your PCOS and for you as a person.  After this challenge is over, are you going to go back to the way things are?  OR are you going to continue to take action EVERY DAY?

For the last challenge, I would like you to reflect on the last 9 days and look at what you have discovered.  Then I would like you to do some journaling and goal planning.  Look at where you are right now in the different areas on your life and where overall you would like to be.  Then break it down into goals for 1 Month, 6 Months, 1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years and 10 Years.  10 Years would probably be the overall you would like to be.

With as much trouble as most of us have had in the past, we need to be very forward focused.  It will keep up going and our passion focused in the right areas.

During this 10-day challenge, we have not only talked about PCOS but other areas of our life as well.  Make sure to include ALL areas of your life.

The most important tip about goal planning I can give you based on what I have experienced is to focus daily on those goals and to make sure you are actively doing this to keep it going forward.  I created a vision board of my goals and hung it right next to my bed so when I wake in the morning, it is the first thing I see.

This is your life and you will only get out of it what you put into it.  Let's put all we have into it so we can live the best life we can.

Please post an "I did it" or share your experiences with us.

After completing this challenge, please send an e-mail to Info@powerupforpcos.com with your full name.  Put in the subject line: PCOS certificate.

It was a pleasure throughout this journey working with you ladies and hearing about your experiences.  Please feel free to update us anytime on your progress.  You never know who you will inspire.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 9

I have been so inspired by the women that are taking this challenge.  I'm glad to know there are others out there that have found their own faith and beliefs.  I can honestly tell you there was some fear and uncertainty when writing yesterdays challenge but I pushed through and did it anyways because I felt that it was just as important as all the other challenges to our PCOS journey.  I'm very glad I did.  Thank you so much for sharing with me.

So we have 2 challenges left and I am just so moved by this commitment.  I know I keep saying that but I honestly am.  For this next challenge, I would like you to basically do the same thing as yesterday, mediate or contemplate for a short period of time.  This time is will be on mental/emotional health.

For a lot of women with PCOS, depression, anxiety or other mental/emotional health issues come along with it.  I personally had severe depression during my teenage years and right after I was diagnosed up until about February when I decided to start Power Up for PCOS.  I still have days where I just get dragged down or I just have weepy days.  I find that totally submersing myself into my Power Up for PCOS network and evolving that has helped me stay sane.  It gives me an area to focus my passion on instead of focusing on my emotions at the moment.

In my opinion, we PCOS women tend to be more emotional than others but we also are very passionate people because of it.  We should be aware of our emotions and mental health and how we can improve it in general and if we are having a rough day.

So that's the challenge, mediate or contemplate for 15 or more minutes quietly on where your mental/emotional health is, where you would like it to be and some of the things you can do for it.  After that, I would like you to pay particular attention to it all day and focus on having a peaceful relaxed day.  Even if you have lots to do as we all do, try to do it with ease and calmness.  See how much life get's better when you do that.

Just a side note too, the chemical that stress releases also makes our PCOS symptoms more pronounced so if we made it a priority to be less stressed, our PCOS wouldn't be as bad either.  I have formed the habit of telling my husband that I can't handle a particular task right night or I can't discuss something right now because my PCOS will get worse when I get stressed out.  Of course, we can't avoid things but waiting until I am calmer does help my PCOS AND it helps me deal with the issue at hand with a clearer head.

Good Luck Ladies and please post an "I did it" or share experiences to let me know you are participating.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 8

We are heading into the home stretch.  3 more challenges including this one.  You have done amazing.  You all should be very proud of yourselves.  You have EARNED the certificates coming your way.

Challenge 8 is another important aspect of our PCOS and health in general.  This post will touch everybody differently.

This challenge is to meditate on your spirituality.  Go into another room and spend some quiet time with your eyes closed and away from the world for 15 or more minutes.  Think about your current beliefs.  Do you believe in God?  What are your beliefs as far as healing goes?  This challenge is not to tell you, you need to go believe in God and everything will be great.  This challenge is intended to open up the mind and get you thinking about the possibility of a better way of living.  If you find you are completely satisfied with your beliefs, then that's great and you have completed the challenge.

So, let me share a little of what has happened to me.  I did not know any higher being or God growing up.  When I was a teenager, I found a teen home fellowship.  I went for a few years but didn't really follow the word of God or do much different.  Now, fast forward to just a few months ago.  My marriage was in deep trouble and I was kind of not going any further with my PCOS journey.  My husband and I watched the movie Fireproof and we contemplated on what that could do for our marriage.  We started believing in God and living by his word.  We started teaching our daughter all about God as well.  Instantly, my marriage as well as my PCOS journey started moving forward again.  My health has improved greatly.  I still have PCOS and i still have my problems but life has changed so much and brought so much more happiness since I became a believer.

So, this is my story.  We all have our own beliefs and our own journey's.  I truly believe that my faith has made me whole and changed my PCOS journey.  The challenge is to just meditate and contemplate on what your beliefs are and if there is anything you want to change about them.

Please reply with an "I did it" to let me know you are participating and feel free to share anything.  Good Luck!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 7

Great job on Day 6.  Hopefully you all found some great resources out there.  Thank you so much for taking a little bit of time out of your weekend to participate.

Challenge 7 is to create a list of 10 activities that you can do for JUST FUN.  If you like going to the gym that go ahead and ad it to the list, if you don't like it then don't put it on the list.  FUN STUFF!  Some sort of FUN activity that gets you moving.  Some examples that I like to do are: go to the park and just walk around, go on a walk on a walking trail, badminton with friends or family and yard hockey.

After you create your list, choose one activity off of your list and DO IT.  Aim for atleast 30 minutes.  Pay attention to how much fun you have.  Personally, I think of exercise as not fun and I tend to procrastinate about it as much as I can.  I like taking time with the family and finding something fun to do.  It's really takes the work out of exercise.  Another example is that Just Dance game for Wii.  My daughter loves that game so I leave it somewhere visible so she will ask me about it and we end up playing for over an hour easy.  I don't know about you, but if you really do the moves, it kicks your butt.  You don't realize it too much because your too busy having fun and probably laughing with eachother.

So that's it.  That's the challenge.  List 10 fun activities then do one.  Feel free to share your lists to encourage others as well.  Please respond with atleast an "I did it" to show you are participating.  Good Luck!

P.S. My daughter wanted me to add in that she always kicks my butt on Just Dance.  She thinks it's funny and I get to have a little competition with her trying to beat her.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 6

How did the whole/natural/organic eating go?  Hopefully everyone was able to do atleast 80% for the day.  Hopefully, we all saw the results in how our bodies and minds felt.  This is a great experience and I find it encouraging if I have a list of how I feel when I eat unhealthy food versus healthy food.

We are now half way through this challenge.  Great job to everyone participating.  You should really be proud of yourself.

For Challenge 6, we are going to do some research.  I would like each of you to research the web for PCOS sites.  I know there are a lot out there but not all are reputable and useful.  There are a few type of website that women with PCOS frequent.  One is forums or message boards.  Another is sites that we follow to keep up to date on PCOS related information.  Every woman with PCOS needs her "go to" places for accurate, dependable information when you have questions.

When looking for forums/message boards, keep in mind that some only serve the woman that just go to complain.  Try finding some that are uplifting and helpful.  We don't need more to bring us down.  I have recently switched to using facebook pages instead of forums.  One more thing to keep in mind, unless you see credentials, these people are not qualified to give you medical advice.  Take what they say as suggestions to research further and please talk to your doctor before actually doing anything that you question may be right.

When looking for sites to keep you up to date on the PCOS world, keep in mind that not all are going to give you accurate, proven information.  You don't know who is on the other side of that.  It could be a 15 year old girl just finding out about PCOS and posting everything she finds.  Nothing wrong with that but you may want to frequent the sites that are created by professionals like doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and such.  I personally frequent InCYST, PCOS Diva and Dr. Corey on Facebook.  I have a few others like Boston IVF and Natural Health International.  These are what sites I have researched to be credible and up to date in the PCOS world.  It is changing everyday as we learn more and more about this disease.  We need to find sites that are on top of this new information.

Even though I have told you where I go for my information, I would like YOU to research where you feel are great places to frequent.  Bookmark them so when something changes or you need to know more about something, you know where to go quick.  I know we have all googled PCOS symptoms and such.  I have seen numerous times, the same sites pop up with all the different searches.  If there is a place you keep landing for great information, bookmark it.  Simple.

Let's do it!  Feel free to share some of the great sites you have found with us all.  By the way, all the sites I mentioned are on the Power Up for PCOS facebook page under "likes".  I do not get credit or paid to brag about them, I am just sharing what has personally helped me.  You need to judge each site you find on your own to determine if it is useful to you.

Please respond with an "I did it" on the facebook post.  Good Luck!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 5

After this challenge we are officially half way through.  We are doing good.  We have lost some participants but those that have stuck it out are definitely putting their whole heart into this challenge.  Day 4 Challenge of possibilities were inspirational and amazing.  I thank each of you for sharing those with me.  Hopefully, this challenge opened your eyes that you CAN do these things.  I strongly believe that PCOS is very much a power battle to be won.  For the first portion, you feel like it has you and you can't do anything but once you turn the tables, everything gets so much easier and you feel so amazing inside and out.

On to Challenge 5.  This one is a good one and one that you will definitely agree is a challenge if your not used to doing this already.  I know that those of you that have stuck this out so far WILL put the same amount of heart into this that you have for all the other challenges.  I have faith in you that you CAN and WILL do this for ONE day!

For Challenge 5, I would like you to eat whole/natural/organic foods for 1 day.  I use the 80/20 rule.  80% of my food is whole/natural/organic and the other 20% is not terrible but not perfect either.  If I need food in a hurry and would normally go to fast food place, I make a stop at the grocery store instead.  Right as you walk in, they have fruits, veggies, and over near the blueberries section, I found a whole bunch of to go stuff.  Still be careful about what you are picking up.  My point is, this is possible even on the run.  Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with this.  This is something that I have worked hard on with my health coach, the PCOS Diva.

As you go about your day, write down your feelings here and there.  Try to notice if you feel more clear minded or if you have more energy.  Pay attention to your body.  The biggest thing I have accomplished has been to get in-tune with my body.  I know now that when I eat junk, I feel foggy and can't think clear.  I am tired and sometimes get a headache too.  I have become very aware of what's going on inside me.  It has helped me figure out which supplements I should be on, which foods my body needs right now and if I need to stop and take some me time.

So, there you go, eat whole/natural food atleast 80% (aim for 100% for atleast today to challenge yourself more) and journal some thoughts and feelings of what you feel going on.  We can do this!  I am right there with you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 4

I'm so proud of the ladies involved in this challenge.  You have proven you will not give up and you are committed.  You are now ready to be part of something bigger.  Which brings me to the Day 4 Challenge.

Day 4 is about possibility.  We do not realize what we are capable of until we are pushed to that point.  This is that point.  You have a choice right now to take your PCOS and DO something with it.

Let me give you a quick peek at how I did that.  I chose to do something for ME to get healthy so I said I was going to walk to raise money for research.  I knew that I was probably going to be the only one walking but I was going to do it anyways.  I found courage at my worst moment and that was what I needed to overcome all the obstacles in order to get this walk going.  I did not give up and I pushed through finding a place to donate the money to, where to have the walk, getting sponsors and so much more.  You can read more about my story here http://powerupforpcos.blogspot.com/2011/09/blessed-to-have-pcos.html

Now, let's get to the Day 4 Challenge.  Your challenge is to create a list of 10 big things you can do that would help you and others in the PCOS world.  Think of things that you would enjoy doing and you can find passion in.  I created a walk-a-thon and a PCOS Network that is helping women all over the world.  This started with just little old me deciding I was going to walk by myself to raise money for PCOS research.  Anything is possible.

Some examples are making PCOS awareness jewelry, knitting or crocheting PCOS items, becoming a Power Up for PCOS Network Representative in your state or holding a event like a cooking class.  Figure out what you would LOVE to do.  Then you could donate all proceeds to PCOS research.  We personally donate all proceeds to InCYST Institute for Hormone Health.  They were the only place out there I could find that actually did research and not just awareness.  FYI:  Read the history of why this institute started and it will bring you to tears.  It was because of my calls for my walk. http://www.incyst.com/2011/03/what-would-you-all-think-of-research.html

OK, back to the challenge.  So i'm not asking you to go out there and do all these things.  I'm just challenging you to create the list of possibilities.  My hope is that after this 10-Day Challenge, you will feel so inspired that you will actually go out and do one of these items on your list.  I know from my experience that the more I focus on helping others, the more I tend to focus on my PCOS as well.

Please post atleast an "Idid it"  Feel free to post your list as well as comments on here or Facebook.

My PCOS story - Holly M.

Holly M.
Day 2 Challenge- My PCOS Story

My PCOS story is just beginning. When I was 18 years old I started noticing that my periods were becoming irregular. I would go for months without a period. Out of concern, I went to see my doctor at the time who ran a Pap Smear and explained it away as just a hormone imbalace. Over the years the cycles would become more erratic or sporatic with no real indication on when it would start or stop. I started developing severe menstral pains so bad they would bring me to my knees. Heeding my doctors advice I chalked it up to nothing more than a hormonal imbalance and stress. I tried to deal with it as best I could.
Then, in December 2010 after 20 days of menstration I decided it was time to revist my doctor. Thankfully for me, I had switched doctors since my initial misdiagnosis. After a barrage of testing to rule out cancer, several blood tests, and a sonogram I was given life altering news. I had PCOS. Suddenly all of my peculiar annomolies made sense. The unsightly excessive body hair (remarkably it's all baby blonde, but still noticable nonetheless), the extra weight around the middle, the night sweats, the irregular menstrual cycles, the ovary pain, the baby fat in the face that never really seems to go away. My .sonogram had revealed so many ovarian cysts that my doctor didn't think my ovaries had released any eggs in years. I was labeled "barren" with a slim-to-none chance that I would ever produce offspring. Since I never saw children in my future to begin with, that last discovery hasn't impacted my life.
So at 33 years old, my PCOS story is just beginning. It's been quite an adventure so far, but I am glad I have found there are others like me who struggle in weight loss, are baffled at those pesky little hairs that seem to pop up in the oddest of places, play the medication management game, and seek new ways each day to better improve the quality of their life and live with PCOS.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My PCOS story - Shonda R.

Shonda R.
Day 2 Challenge- My PCOS story

High School for me was brutal.  I was overweight, awkward, and not like everyone else.  When I was 16, I was diagnosed with PCOS after going to the gynecologist because of irregular periods and “peach fuzz” that was rapidly growing on my face.  After my diagnosis, things got worse.  I gained more weight despite trying to lose it, and my peach fuzz was turning into a dark mustache that my parents refused to let me remove despite my pleas.  I was officially dubbed “the mustache lady” in my school and my humiliation carried with me to my adulthood.

I went through a period of my life where I had had enough of being overweight so I ended up not eating very much for three months…doing so resulted in me losing a lot of weight and finally feeling good about how I looked but what I didn’t realize is that I was making my PCOS condition worse.

Eventually, the weight started coming back on slow at first and then it seemed like all at once it was there and I weighed far more than I ever had in my life.

I was going through some aggravations with my Dr because nothing seemed to work to help me and my condition and she was extremely insensitive to my feelings.  I ended up leaving her and that started my on again off again fight with myself to even go to a Dr. to help treat PCOS.

Several years went by and despite having finally lost 100 pounds on my own with determination and hard work, I was still grossly overweight and I had finally hit my plateau.

Recently, I got married and we have been talking about starting our family but have not had any success at all.  On July 18th, I started a cycle that still to this day has not ended (October 11).

This concerned me so I made an appointment with a new Gyno that I was referred to.  I went today for my appointment where I found out that I was going to have a biopsy because she thought I was showing signs of either pre-cancer or cancer.  I now have to wait until the results come back before knowing what my future holds.

Prior to today I have been in PCOS denial.  Telling myself that no matter what, I will get pregnant and have children all the while not being honest with my own fears and allowing myself to prepare for what I had to face today.

All I’ve ever wanted was to be a Mom.  I am determined that one day I will be and have finally accepted that adoption is the way that I am meant to take.  It is my only desire and dream to help other women like me who are unsure, scared, and don’t know what way to turn.  Being aware of the disease and knowing your options are two very important things I have learned this last year.  Though I may never be rid of the disease, I can and will control it.  It is in my power to change my life and control my future…it is in your power to do so with your life as well…will you?

My PCOS story - Holli R.

Holli R.
Day 2 Challenge- My PCOS story

I was 8 years old and came home from school one day and told my mom that I was bleeding from “down there.” My dad freaked! My mom went and bought me some pads. From then on I would always tell me mom when I needed to go to the store for “that”, as I described it. My periods have always been abnormal. They were either really heavy or really light. At the young age of 15 I was raped and ended up pregnant. I did have an abortion. Before anyone asks, yes it is hard to live with at times but it was not my decision. My parents are the ones that said it was in my best interest. I went to an Ob/Gyn. It was then I was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor told me that I would never have kids and gave me Metformin. I was taking it for a few weeks when I noticed I was really nauseated from it. I called my doctor to tell him and he said to stop taking it, so I did. I was really uncomfortable with him the whole time I was a patient in that office. In 2008, I married the best man in the world. As a result of getting married I ended up changing insurance companies which means a change in doctors. My current Ob/Gyn is amazing. She didn’t act like she was the best of the best. She talked to me through my first PAP with her. She also explained to me in English, not doctor talk that my struggle with weight was due to the PCOS as well as the abnormal periods. From then on we made plans and I made notes. I explained to her that we really want to have a baby. I also let her know about the other problems that I have been going through with my periods. She knew that having a baby was very important to my husband and me. For two and a half years I would have periods that would last two days to six months. I was then prescribed Megace to stop the bleeding for the next month. She then gave me a prescription for Provera to induce a period and Clomid to stimulate ovulation. I was also to get at home ovulation tests, so I did. I did 3 rounds of this at different times throughout the year. Then, I started to get these painful contractions in my lower pelvic area but I continued like always. So after several rounds of no ovulation, even with the medication my doctor decided to go one step further. In early December, I was in so much pain from the contractions that I just couldn’t take it anymore. My doctor recommended we check for Endometriosis. She also did a PAP and saw that my uterine lining was too thick. With all that said it was time to move on to step two. Step two took me to the hospital for surgery. At the ripe young age of 23 I went in for my very first surgery ever; Laparoscopic surgery for the Endometriosis and a D & C for the thick lining this past January. From January to the beginning of August I was fine…no pain! September comes around and the contractions return. I go back for yet another PAP and that shows “normal.” My doctor tells me she has done all she can do and refers me to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Now we move onto step three. Since I don’t trust my body to just anyone I do a little research on this doctor. I found out that this doctor, female, specializes in PCOS. On my first visit to her, my doctor, my husband and I made plans and asked questions. She said that the contractions were due to the lining building up over time because I wasn’t having regular periods. She first suggested that I go back on birth control and we do an intravaginal ultrasound and a biopsy on my endometrium. I started the birth control last month. I am getting ready to start my second pack. Today, 11 Oct 2011, I went back to see my doctor. The ultrasound showed that the lining was “normal.” She also looked at my ovaries; she was unable to see the right ovary. She did state that my left ovary looked good and did not look polycystic. The biopsy on the other hand was the most painful thing I have gone through thus far in my life. I have to wait 7-10 days for the results of the biopsy. I will inform every one of the results when I get them. If anyone wants to talk or have questions about any of the above please feel free to contact me. I will be glad to share with you how I worked through the guilt of the abortion several years after it happened.

My PCOS story - Nicole T.

Day 2 Challenge- My PCOS story
Nicole T.

My name is Nicole T and this is my story. In January of 2009 my husband and I miscarried a child we had been trying to conceive for 10 months. We were devastated. The doctor at the hospital said he saw no reason we wouldn't be able to conceive again easily. Unfortuantely, he was wrong. My periods started coming later. I went from a 30 day cycle to a 47 day cycle until October of 2009. They just stopped. I took many pregnancy tests only to get negative results. I was so frustrated and confused. I spent hours researching the reasons you would skip a period without a pregnancy to no avail. I couldn't find anything that stuck out like, yeah, that's what is going on with me. In 7 months I had gained about 30 pounds which seemed odd to me, but I figured it was because I was still greiving. So around the end of December, my period finally showed up. And then for the next 8 months, it played the same game of being random and 2 or 3 months late. I started getting hot flashes. I became unnecessarily mean. I couldn't sleep. I was so frustrated and nothing seemed to be working right in my body. I felt out of control, and that freaked me out. I started to think I was starting menopause at 29. In Septmeber of 2010, I had the worst period of my life! I was vomiting from the pain. I was passing clots. I couldn't understand why this was happening and at the time, neither my husband or I had a job- not to mention insurance. So I just dealt with it, thinking it would work itself out. My period went back to being random. I would go months without it or a month or two with it. In December of 2010, I quit smoking after 15 or more years of the habit. Apparently, my quitting opened the flood gates on my hormones. I became violently angry, even at the smallest thing. I couldn't control how mad I got. It seemed like when I got mad, I was ready to kill! It got to the point that I didn't even like myself anymore. And although I have an incredibly patient and understanding husband, I am really surprised I am still married. Finally, we were in a position to be able to afford to go to the doctor. I had some hormone panels done and found that I showed signs of having PCOS. I was then scheduled for an ultrasound which resulted in the doctors finding some cysts. My doctor refered me to a hormone specialist. A wonderful doctor who said basically what he could do for me was prescribe me clomid if I wanted kids or birth control if I didn't. He said the rest was up to me. That controlling PCOS meant making lifestyle changes which included a better diet and exercise. He didn't get too deep into it, though. So I decided to take the clomid. Since the loss of my angel, having kids is all that I have wanted in my life. The first month went okay, but my hormones seemed to have gotten more out of wack. My doctor said that it was normal. I didn't conceive, but I did ovulate the first month. So I gave the clomid another shot. The second month wasn't without side effects. I was vomiting. I had abdominal pain, hot flashes, and I couldn't sleep. And somehow it seemed worse than it had been in the past. I stopped my treatment with clomid. I decided to do my own research on PCOS. I came across several good websites... an entire community of women that shared in my misery. I found out that the low glycemic diet is a good basis for someone with PCOS as well as several herbal supplements and vitamins that would help with symptoms of the disorder. I decided that my health was first and foremost and if I conceived along the path, then I would be happy. I started charting my temperatures- not necessarily for conception purposes, but more to be sure that my hormones and my body is doing what it should be. I have not felt this good in years! I am happier, more mellow, I have more energy and I am sleeping better. I have ovulated every month since I was first diagnosed. I have lost 25 pounds and gone from a size 24 to a size 16. I had started walking 2 or 3 times a week and now I am doing Zumba classes for 1 hour 2 times a week. I feel so much more like myself than I ever have, I think. I am so thankful for finally knowing what I have and how to make myself better. Now, I am looking forward to conceiving my first child. I no longer feel like it is out of my reach!

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 3

Great job on Day 2.  You have proven that you will not give up when giving a harder task to accomplish.  I will post your stories soon.  Don't forget to respond with "I did it" to show us all you participated.

Day 3 is probably one if the easiest.  Join the Power Up for PCOS Network.  The purpose of this challenge is for you to take an active role in your PCOS support from others.  Our network is currently designing training programs to train representatives in each state to hold educational support groups, events like the walk-a-thon we just had here in Nashua, NH and so much more.  You will develop a support network of your own with other women where you live.  You will gain some valuable friendships along the way too as I have.  You have a choice right here and now to be a part of that.  I have seen posts and comments everywhere that people want to know what PCOS events are out there and that they want support groups.  Here's your chance!  Be active!

We will start training shortly after the new year and we will start with the states that have the most interest first so if you want to be one of the first states trained, let's get people signed up.  At the moment, we have people in almost every state, we are definitely on our way.

You can join our Network by going to http://www.powerupforpcos.com and clicking on PCOS Network.

If you are ready to take on the challenge of becoming a representative then e-mail you information to  info@powerupforpcos.com.

Hint: tomorrow focus' on possibility and it will be so much fun.

My PCOS story - Megan M.

Megan M.
Day 2 Challenge- My PCOS story

It is hard to know where to begin so I will start with a brief background.  I was the last girl in my class to start my period and have never had regular cycles since then. One of the most frustrating aspects of this journey is that my obgyn would never listen to me! I can remember being as young as 13 telling my doctor “something is wrong with me and I am afraid I won’t be able to have kids when I grow up.” The doctor always just hushed me and told me it was normal to never have regular cycles. One weekend in collage I even had severe pain that the doctor said was likely a cyst rupturing. I asked if I needed an ultrasound to figure out what was going on but they said it was normal. I was placed on birth control pills several times growing up to regulate my cycles, but the side effects were so severe that I finally threw them away (one of the best things I’ve ever done.)

I got married in May 2008 around the same time my husband convinced me to toss that birth control. We figured I would get pregnant within a few months. Two years later, I really started to worry. I researched what could be wrong and pretty much diagnosed myself with PCOS and then begged my doctor to do more testing. After an ultrasound and blood work, I was diagnosed in June 2010. I was placed on metformin and then took clomid…50 mg, then 100 mg, then 150 mg. Each time resulted in no ovulation and crushed hopes.
I changed doctors and went to a fertility specialist. This doctor performed ovarian drilling and a D & C in October of 2010. Then he placed me on two rounds of femara, which unfortunately also resulted in no ovulation.  This doctor said our chances for ever conceiving were 0-4%.

           Receiving this news was devastating. It was then that we decided to see another doctor who promoted a charting system that reveals vast amounts of information about a woman’s cycle. He tested my glucose levels, which ended up being fine and I got off the metformin. I have been charting for 8 months now, and we know more about my cycle than I ever have in my life (If you are interested its called the Creighton Model.) I also just had a surgery done called ovarian wedge resection and are waiting to see if it can correct my cycles…and so far so good.

          Looking back over the past 3 + years, it has been tough. But I am proud of myself and my supportive husband! We have come so far since I was first diagnosed. Initially, I felt like the world was caving in and that I was doomed to have diabetes and never have children.
However, I have taken this PCOS thing in my own hands. My husband and I have always eaten fairly healthy, but after doing a lot of research on nutrition and PCOS, we have drastically changed our diet- no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or anything processed.  And we mostly buy organic meats, chicken, milk, etc. It is amazing how good my body feels after making these slight changes. As a registered dietitian, I have decided I want to commit my practice to helping as many women as I can to take charge of their fertility and health through proper nutrition. Exercise is also crucial, and I commit several days a week to going to the gym or getting outside and walking. I have found yoga to be an excellent stress reliever. I have also grown in my spiritual life, and I am learning patience and trust in God’s timing.

          There was a time when I was ashamed or embarrassed to tell people about PCOS, but now I would shout it from a mountain. I have overcome the anger, guilt and shame, and I feel empowered that I can make choices in my life to control this. It is crucial to get the word out to help those suffering in silence or who may not even know they have PCOS. It takes a strong woman to fight this, and I am excited to be a part of groups like Power Up for PCOS to connect with others.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 2

Woo Hoo! Day 1 accomplished.  So many of you posted your results.  This was such an important step in our journey.  Don't ever be afraid to talk about your PCOS.  For me, it has made this journey move forward instead of holding me back.

Now on to Day 2.  Tuesday's challenge is to share your PCOS story.  This is important to show where we were or are at the moment so we can look back and see how far we have come.  I shared my PCOS story on this blog and I look back to about a year ago and I am just amazed at how far I have come.  Make sure as your sharing your story to include emotional heath as well as physical and even spiritual.  This is YOUR story and this should be the last time you are in this place.  From this moment on, you are moving on in your journey.  You are taking charge of your future and you PCOS.  During the rest of this 10 day challenge, you will be working on looking forward and MOVING forward.

To share your story, please e-mail it to info@powerupforpcos.com  You do NOT need to include your full name.  Just your first name and last initial.  No other contact information will be included.  I will post your story on this blog.

I have now decided as well that since we are all doing this challenge together and working so hard on our new path, we deserve to be rewarded.  Everyone that completes all 10 challenges will receive a personalized certificate e-mailed to them which they can print out and frame. At the end of the challenge when you have completed all challenges, please e-mail your first name and last name to info@powerupforpcos.com also included in the subject: PCOS Certificate.

Good Luck in Day 2 and have fun!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 1

Welcome to the Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge.  I'm very excited for the journey we are about to embark on.  Even though it is only 10 days, they will all be very important challenges for our PCOS and will have such a dramatic effect on our lives.

I will post challenges the evening before so you have time to prepare yourself.  Most do not require you to get anything, it is just doing things.

So, here it is!  The first challenge is to go tell 3 people that you have PCOS.  That's it!  You are probably one of two people right now.  You are either thinking to yourself, what's so big about that or you are thinking, NO WAY!  Hopefully, instead of thinking that way, you are thinking, wow, that's great, I can't wait.

So what's the big deal about telling 3 people about your PCOS?  It is so important to talk about your PCOS OUTLOUD.  From my personal experience, it was difficult at first to talk about my PCOS.  I didn't want everyone thinking, oh my, that's why she has those tiny black hairs on her chin or oh my, that's why she's overweight.  We need to get over this thinking.  When I finally got over my fear and started talking about it, I found out people all around me have it and I never knew.  There is nothing to be ashamed about in our PCOS.  So what, I have tiny black hairs on my chin.  Ooh, big deal.  Move on!

What are the benefits of talking about your PCOS?  First, you get over fear and you finally get to the point where you don't care what people think.  Second, you may end up helping someone get diagnosed or feel not so alone our there with their PCOS and so much more.

So that's the big first challenge.  Go out there and tell 3 people about your PCOS.  Let them ask questions and try to answer them if you can.  Tell them a little blurb about it, like the fact that it effects 1 in 5 women or something like that.  Maybe mention some of the symptoms.

I will be doing this 10 Day challenge right along with you.  Please post your experiences, even just a "I did it" on the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/powerupforpcos
For some reason, blogger is not letting everyone post, just a few here and there.  I can't even comment on it myself.