Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beautiful You with LeAnne

It was such a wonderful revelation when I learned I did not have to live by my feelings. It was liberating and a great relief! Before I learned this valuable truth, my emotions were all over the place! I was glad I'd managed to lose a few pounds, but sad that I had so much further to go; hurt that I'd been spoken about so terribly by co-workers, irritated with myself that I was still bothered by the opinions of others; feeling victimized even by strangers (a new neighbor) who made comments about my height and weight, and beating myself up because I wasn't as far along in life as I should be. Imagine living life according to such was absolutely chaotic! There was very little genuine self-esteem, and besides going into total social seclusion, my relationships suffered, also. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin with misery! But one day, in the middle of another one of my one-woman pity parties, I heard someone say "You need to stop letting your feelings have a vote in everything. Feelings are fickle and, therefore, unreliable. We were given emotions to feel, but not to live by!"
Of course, this is me paraphrasing, but those words set SO many things in motion! As dramatic as it sounds, I felt like I'd been set free! Yes, PCOS was and is a royal pain in my backside and, most days, it made me feel like Ursula, the sea witch from The Little Mermaid. But just because I felt this way doesn't mean I WAS this way. There is a difference between feelings and the actual truth. The truth was that beneath that misery was a goddess of beauty waiting to uncover and share some juicy, life-changing secrets. And, slowly but surely, amazing things came to light, and I began to change. I thought of the person I wanted to be and, battered and bruised, began to walk in that direction. What's even better than all that, is that the same thing is about to happen to you!.....if you want it to. I'm here to help. And though it may be a long road, it's surely an exciting one! To make things a little easier on your road to winning the battle against PCOS, here are a few true beauty secrets to remember.

You Are No Victim!--You are not powerless, and you certainly are not "less than". PCOS does not make you less of a woman. In fact, it brings out the woman in you even more! What other species can war against something so difficult and draining, yet still come out laughing and strong, their ability to nurture still in tact. Only a woman! We were created as nurturing and uniquely feminine creatures; nothing will EVER change that. For good measure, and so it will sink in, I'll repeat myself: Nothing will EVER change the fact that you are a woman". Not infertility, not struggles with facial hair or male-pattern baldness, not rapid, excessive weight gain; not anything. You're not beautiful just because I say so, or even because you or anyone else says so. you're beautiful because that's the way you were created. You can argue that all you want, but this is the truth, not opinion. Being a woman is a beautiful, surreal thing to be. And to show our gratefulness for being it and having it, we first have to accept it and appreciate it. It must be maintained with grace and humility, and we should allow it to be uncovered for every one else to see. Remembering this is your first beauty secret.

Love Your Skin--PCOS can cause premature aging and, combined with unhealthy lifestyles and harsh weather conditions, this can wreak total havoc! Two of the best secret weapons? Exfoliate and hydrate. Using a gentle exfoliator on your face and skin about three times a week is like pruning and caring for a delicate, exotic flower. Sloughing away the "dead" cells to reveal newer, younger ones means dewy, radiant skin, and a more even complexion. But be sure to use a more gentle exfoliator for your face, since it's skin is more delicate! Follow up with a moisturizer that's thick enough to coat and hydrate skin, but still light enough so it won't clog your pores. Want a natural moisturizer? Try grapeseed oil! This oil naturally renews skin and deeply penetrates to soften and enhance skin tone.

Use A Masque...For Your Legs!!--Masques (or masks) or normally designed for the skin on your face, and there are a lot out there that do a fantastic job (I recommend using one that contains avocado and/or oatmeal). But what about your body? Generally, though it's only the face that has troublesome pores, it's the body that collects the most dirt and oil. Like teenagers, women with PCOS can also have troublesome spots on the skin that are plagued with acne and other oily, hormonal bumps. So before exfoliating, wet your skin, then apply a mask to the legs, thighs, and any other area you choose. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off in the shower. That way, once the impurities are drawn to the surface of your skin by the mask, you can allow the exfoliator to slough them away along with dead skin cells. This will allow your naturally radiant skin to shine through!

Remember that Beautiful You is about YOU!....No one else! There are more secrets to come next week, but only a few will be revealed at a time so that you'll have time to practice and gradually incorporate these tricks and hints into your routine. It's up to YOU to do YOUR part in contributing to YOUR happiness! You're not alone, woman soldier...we're in this together. And, before it's all over, we'll be writing and living out our own amazing stories! Next week will bring more beauty secrets and I'll also share jeweled pieces of encouragement from my wonderful friends all over the world (Nigeria, Ethiopia, England, Scotland, and Japan). Stay tuned!

*Please note that I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or trained counselor. I am not qualified to give out any emotional advice. I am a woman with PCOS, who is sharing my personal experiences in this blog and I ask you to consult a professional.

Monday, December 26, 2011

FUNtastic PCOS Fitness with Gina - Final Week of the Challenge!

So, here we are at the week between Christmas and New Year's.  I don't know about you, but Fitness during this week is not usually something that takes a huge priority for most of us, including me.  We still have obligations to meet and shopping to do, cleanup from the holidays, company to entertain, and kids (if we have them) on vacation!  How can we possibly manage to add in one.more.thing!?

When coming up with something for us to do this week in dealing with Fitness, I decided to make it very personal for me, thinking that there will be some of you in the same situation I am in right now.  I want to get myself moving in the right direction though, while also making it something that will be motivating in getting me excited about Fitness this week and the weeks to come!

Here's the Challenge for Week Four:

1.  Set aside time for the next five days (Monday to Friday) to move your body.  The time you exercise, the location, the type of exercise does.not.matter.  Try to make it a group thing, if necessary if you have company/the kids/the pets hanging around!  Bring them in as part of the FUN!

2.  Sit down and take a moment to envision yourself a year from now.  Where are you in the journey of taking charge of your PCOS?  What does your health look like?  Are you setting fitness goals. . . and achieving them?  Are you stronger? More confident? Then, write down three specific steps you can take this next year to see that vision of yourself come true - and POST THEM on the Power Up for PCOS page on Facebook!

3.  Move, envision, POST!  That's it!

Hope to see you on the Power Up for PCOS Page!


Power Up for PCOS AZ Representative

*Remember: I am not a medical or fitness professional and I am just sharing what I am doing in this Challenge as a fellow member of your community. Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise program to ensure that you are healthy enough for physical activity/exercise. *

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Good Bye 2011 and Hello to 2012

This year has been an amazing year.  It is hard to believe that all this started this February(24th). We had an amazing year and I feel so blessed to have had a part in it.  Here are some of the things we accomplished this year:

*We started the Power Up for PCOS website where you can join our network, register for our events, check out reviews on doctors in your area, submit reviews, shop our Shop Cysters store and our CafePress store to raise even more money for PCOS research.
*We had the first ever Power Up for PCOS Walk-a-thon and Virtual Walk-a-thon in which 12 women walked and we raised $2,634.18 for the InCYST Institute for Hormone Health, not bad for a first year. Check out our event photo's.
*We helped to connect PCOS women with some wonderful sponsors and PCOS friendly items like St. Joseph Hospital, Growing Naturals, Boston IVF, Cerene Linens, Maxim, Arizona Mesquite Company, Beauty Foods, iBitta, Stoneyfield Organic, Hannaford, Nashua Medical Group, PCOS Diva, Danielle Ellen Hunter - Interactive & Graphic Designer and Nashua YMCA.
*We have some amazing Representatives that are  starting Power Up groups in 8 different states starting in January
*We completed the first ever Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge where 7 women got some very cool certificates to frame
*We had a picture day in which 33 women posted their pictures, this gave me so much inspiration to see all of your faces and to know who I do this for(it brought me to tears)
*We have built a network of 100 women so far that want to do something for their PCOS like attending our Power Up Groups
*We have 13 wonderful volunteers to help us with our special projects so we can reach more women
*Started a great blog where we have a Share your story section, a FUNtastic Fitness with Gina section, Beautiful You with LeAnne section, Journey Along with Me by Beth section and more.  Some with prizes too.
*And most importantly, we have helped to create lots of wonderful new friendships with other PCOS women

Here are some of the plans for 2012 so far:
*Starting up groups in atleast half of the country and even some overseas
*Starting up local events to raise awareness and money for PCOS research
*Spreading the word to Doctors about Power Up for PCOS so they can recommend their patients check us out for support and education
*Education to involve you spouses and families so they know how to support us as women with PCOS
*Getting more volunteers on board to help with our special projects
*Having our 2nd Power Up for PCOS Walk-a-thon and Virtual Walk-a-thon in September
*And more to come

Thank You from all of us at Power Up for PCOS for a great year and we look forward to a great 2012 and to spreading the word even more.  Without all you wonderful ladies, sponsors and volunteers, this would not be possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beautiful You with LeAnne

I recently wrote an article titled "Your Beautiful Way: 10 Secrets To Getting Gorgeous and Winter Ready!" (available on The purpose of this piece was to share my best winter beauty secrets and, while I knew I'd enjoy writing about one of my most favorite subjects, I had no idea how absolutely exciting it would be to share them with the world! Instructing the best way to hydrate, exfoliate, and moisturize was Secret #1; by the the time I'd reached Secret #4, I'd poured a lovely glass of wine, popped a brightly-colored bowl full of popcorn, and settled in to write and enjoy "reliving" my favorite beauty tricks and tips! There seemed to be a permanent smile plastered across my face as I happily typed away! Who doesn't love beauty of some sort? Makeup, natural conditioners, green tea toners for bright, youthful eyes....this article was a goldmine on achieving easy, breezy, winter beauty.
But then my fingers suddenly froze in mid-air, hanging distractedly over the keyboard. All of my thoughts seemed to form into one question: Exactly who am I helping? I couldn't think of an answer right away. My peers? Teenage girls? Or maybe women already loving the skin their in. But what about the ones who don't? Women who's skin discolorations that actually needed medical attention, not just good exfoliation. Women with skin conditions that even prescriptions can't cure. Facial hair and male pattern baldness, quicker aging and skin pigmentation. Even excessive weight gain around the mid-section, something incredibly difficult to reverse! With a wide range of symptoms as dreadful and disheartening as these, we struggle to even think of ourselves as attractive, let alone beautiful or gorgeous. Our problems go beyond fixes for broken nails or our best winter shade of lipstick. Instead of asking ourselves how we can still look glamorous while pregnant, we instead have to spend hours in doctors offices getting help for infertility. PCOS has plagued some of us and not only warped our bodies, but also our way of thinking. But it doesn't have to! I quickly realized that there were more than just certain types of women that needed help in reaching their best "get gorgeous" potential. I also realized that, especially for women with PCOS, real beauty starts with the mind.
Do you know that there are many "secrets" for women with PCOS to discover! Did you know that? Has it ever crossed your mind that there is a physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, magnificent beautiful you that is waiting to be uncovered? Imagine yourself with dewy, glowing skin and thick, shiny, voluminous hair. You no longer struggle with infertility and your energy is positively through the roof! You've conquered PCOS and are now sharing your success with other women around you. That's one of the most important steps to winning in the battle against PCOS; envisioning yourself as already being the woman you want to become. And you should always remember that your thoughts become things. Therefore, whatever you feel or think about yourself should always reflect something great and amazing, so that those same great and amazing things can "manifest" in your life. Yes, I'm sure it sounds a bit hippie-ish and whimsical, but I know it to be true. Instead of thinking of the past struggles in your war against PCOS, envision yourself not only victorious, but happy and thriving. Next week, in Beautiful You with LeAnne, we'll begin to uncover some beauty secrets specifically targeted to women with PCOS. They're quick, easy, and their benefits are almost instant! You have a life, babe. Do you want to look out the window, watching it go by? Or get out there and start living it? You decide.

*Please note that I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or trained counselor. I am not qualified to give out any emotional advice. I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experiences in this blog and I advise you to consult a professional.*

Monday, December 19, 2011

FUNtastic PCOS Fitness with Gina - Week 3!

Week three:  Power Up for PCOS 
Fitness Challenge

So, here we are at week three, the week before Christmas!  Your schedule is full and there will be things that are going to distract you from fitting in your daily times of exercise and movement - - - but, there is no better time to show your commitment to this Challenge (and yourself) than this coming week!

I have been excited to share with you the form of exercise that has helped me lose 80+ pounds and take charge of my PCOS - - - and it is none other than Leslie Sansone  and her Walk at Home videos!  

Here is a clip from one of her videos, courtesy of YouTube;  take a moment to watch it and see what it's all about.  Although you may not have walked a mile in your life, by the end of this video, you will have walked a MILE in the privacy and comfort of your own living room!

Here's our Challenge for this week:  get up and try to walk as long as possible with Leslie in this video for the next FIVE days.  You don't have to worry about the special steps or following the "choreography" - just MOVE with her as long as possible.  You can take it a little bit slower if necessary - or - move your legs while siting in a chair to the beat of the music, but try to see how long you can move with Leslie!

Then, to be eligible for the prizes, please check in with us daily, posting your time spent exercising and what you did, on the Power Up for PCOS page on Facebook!  Let us cheer each other on and see how we are each taking steps to POWER UP!

See you on Facebook!


*Remember: I am not a medical or fitness professional and I am just sharing what I am doing in this Challenge as a fellow member of your community. Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise program to ensure that you are healthy enough for physical activity/exercise. *

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 2: FUNtastic PCOS Fitness Challenge!

Welcome to week 2!  I hope that you were able to join us on the week 1 Challenges!  If you are new here, welcome!  Feel free to start in with us now!  Jump right in!

So, last week our Fitness Challenge centered on getting up and moving for 5 minutes or more a day, for five days.  This week, we are upping the Challenge!

This week, take your five minutes and double it!  Simple right?  I don't know about you, but I need to keep things simple and achievable, especially this time of year!  The only thing to focus on is moving for 10 minutes for the next five days! Dance, swim, walk, bike, DO HOUSEWORK - - - MOVE your body and feel empowered that you are taking charge of your health and PCOS!

If you don't believe that 10 minutes can create changes in your insulin resistance, moods, and fitness levels, take it from me!  It is a baby step that when added to others can take you closer and closer to achieving some awesome goals!

When I was just under 300 pounds, I could hardly do anything, much less exercise on purpose.  I was only in my early 30's, but I felt like twice my age.  In taking little steps in getting more activity back then (1-2 years ago) I was able to work up to walking/jogging (and finishing) a 5K in under an hour last November!  Yes, it can be done - and I am living proof that the power of little things can add up to awesome accomplishments!

Before my baby steps towards fitness:  295+ pounds. . . . 

After taking those baby steps day by day . . . 220 pounds and finishing my first 5K!

You can do it too!

So join in with our Challenge this week - get in 10 minutes of activity for the next five days - and please be sure to check in with us on the Power Up for PCOS page on Facebook!  Share your stories and what you are doing this week to Power Up for PCOS by joining in on our Fitness Challenge!  Baby steps!

See you around Facebook!


*Remember: I am not a medical or fitness professional and I am just sharing what I am doing in this Challenge as a fellow member of your community. Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise program to ensure that you are healthy enough for physical activity/exercise. *

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Journey Along with Me by Beth

I have learned so much along my journey.  I wanted to share something that happened.

To give you some back story, I have reoccurring polyups on my endometrium.  I never knew why I kept getting them but I just did.  It was so frustrating to me because every time I didn't have a period for a couple months, I would get them.  I was told to stay on Provera every month for 10 days so I would have a period.

Back a few months ago, I wanted to go off the Provera because I was sick of the mood swings it gave me.  It's bad enough for my husband and family when it's THAT time of the month, then add in a bunch of mood swings a few days after starting my cycle of Provera and then a few days after stopping the cycle.  He was fighting a losing battle of hormones and so was I.  I researched what causes polyups and I found that it isn't clear what exactly causes then but some believe it is because of excess estergen.  Well, everyone has monitored my testosterone levels but no one said anything about estergen.

About this same time, my health coach, the PCOS Diva had recommended me to look into this product called MacaHarmoney from Natural Health International. She told me about how it can help balance hormones.  I was excited but went off to do my own research too.  I went on their site and they gave me a lot of information but I also researched Maca in general.  I was amazed that I had not heard of this before.  I can take a natural supplement that may help make my body work the way it is supposed to.

OK, getting off the point of this.  I am not trying to convince you to but Maca.  I am very excited about it and that's why I blab about it.  I tend to do that if there is something I really like.  I don't get money from any of these companies for sporting their product.  Boy, do I wish I did.  I would be rich by now for all the talking I do.

The point of this was that I was not being monitored for something that was pretty important for my personal PCOS and my recurring polyups.  I should have been monitored for my estergen levels as well so I could be controlling those and not end up with the same result of getting them again, going in for all those really fun tests then back in for a D&C.

What did I do?  I called my doctor a week ago and told them I wanted my estergen levels tested as well as my iron.  I have problems with my iron because of my heavy bleeding.  No one had monitored that either.  Today, when I went in for my blood work, they had not added it.  I was very polite and said, I am not going to pay to go through this twice so can we get these added.  She went to talk to a nurse that went to talk to the doctor and a little while later, they were added.  I pushed to get what I NEEDED.  I also set it up for me to get a paper copy of my blood work.  I know when I get it, I won't have a clue what most of it means and I will have to go look everything up online but that's what it takes.

I am not saying my doctor is a bad doctor because they didn't order these tests.  It may have sounded harsh above but that's not really what I mean.  PCOS is a VERY complex disease and it shows so differently in everyone.  They don't even have all the answers because this is something that is just now starting to get out there.  We have to give them a break and understand that when they went to school for this, it probably wasn't that prominently known.  If I only went on what doctors said then I would probably not be managing my PCOS well.  I do so much research online and figure out what works and what doesn't.  I do talk to those treating me before I start something to make sure I'm not doing something that will hurt me or interact with anything.  The point is, this is YOUR journey and sometimes you have to put in the work too by being informed and asking for what you need.

I am proud!

Thanks for letting me share this with you and I encourage you all to take the reins in your journey.  The more we work with our doctors to understand this disease the better our journey will be.  Print research out and bring it to appointments to discuss.  Some tend to not like to discuss supplements.  Most were not trained in supplements.  Even if they don't want to discuss your supplements with you, at least ask them to be supportive of you trying them anyways.

*Please note that I am not a medical professional. I am not qualified to give out any medical advice. I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experiences in this blog and I advise you to consult a professional.*

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beautiful You with LeAnne

I'm in love with you. I'm in love with everything about you; your eyes, your spirit, your heart, your drive, your nurturing, and your smile....There's nothing about you that I haven't fallen for. Sounds a bit strange, doesn't it? Especially coming from a woman you've never met before; a woman you've never spoken to, seen, or even heard of before today. But what I say is true. The magnificent, beautiful you is so fall-in-lovable and amazing, that you're out of this world! Once you believe this truth about yourself, even your naysayers will ask, "Who's that girl?!"
They'll be asking this about you! Allow me to explain.....
Being "in love" can be defined as a deep and tender feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness. After seeing the pictures submitted for "The Many Faces Of PCOS", I saw every reason to fall in love with those women who are just like me. And I saw every reason why those women should love themselves! These were women who were fighting and winning the war against PCOS; women who realized they were not handed a death sentence, but given an opportunity to show what fiery strength they had. In those pictures, I saw this: gorgeous, bold, and courageous creatures who desired to live a free, happy, and zesty life! Not even Gone With The Wind could make me cry, but after seeing so many different "mirrors" in those pictures, I was moved to tears, and wanted to share my story, too.

My name is LeAnne. I am 31 years old, and I have PCOS. I was diagnosed in 2005, but knew long before that there was something wrong. I was 22 when the symptoms first began. I'd been on the phone for nearly three hours with my best friend in California when I'd suddenly gone quiet, trying desperately not to wince in pain at the throbbing in my stomach. I finally confessed to her that in just 3 months, I'd gained about 40 pounds and couldn't understand why. How is it possible to gain so much weight after months of cleaning and dusting my night away while singing Cher at the top of my lungs?! Cleaning and dancing at the same time was sure to burn at least a few calories, right? That, combined with snacking on yogurt and carrots instead of Taco Bell, should have at least kept me in my favorite pants. But my body kept gaining, especially around my mid-section. After hearing my concern, my best friend immediately urged me to make an appointment with my doctor. As scared as I was, it still took me nearly three years to get the nerve to see my primary care physician. That's when I was told I had PCOS. I was relieved! Not because I had an illness, of course, but because this "thing" actually had a name. I wasn't crazy. My symptoms were real and, even better than that, they were treatable! However, my excitement was short lived because with that newly found information, came a new set of problems and realizations. My doctor didn't really seem interested in getting me better, but instead wanted to "fix" me with medication and push me to lose weight so that all of my "problems" would go away. This was the same doctor who'd told me just moments before that there was no cure for PCOS, which meant that my "problem" wasn't going anywhere. Metformin, birth control, and prescriptions for appetite suppressants were being shoved at me from every angle.
But what about my feelings?! How would I deal with infertility, skin discoloration, and even the threat of morbid obesity? In a world where women were already expected to be dainty and perfect, how could I fit in? Now that I was diagnosed with PCOS, how would I live a normal, happy life? It took me six years to find the answer to these questions....but when I did, it was like discovering the juiciest, most delicious secret! My worries gave way to excitement and passion and, from that, my life and body began to transform.
Lean a bit closer....are you listening? Great! Because I'm going to tell you everything I know.

Beautiful You with LeAnne is your entry way into a new life. It's goal is to be a place where you can determine how to become your most magnificent self. This blog will enlighten you to new and powerful weapons to fight PCOS and uncover your own amazing physical and mental beauty, the natural way! What you can discover is so surreal, you won't want to just take pictures. You'll want to be on the cover of a magazine! I can help you there. Follow me!

*Please note that I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or trained counselor. I am not qualified to give out any emotional advice. I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experiences in this blog and I advise you to consult a professional.*

Monday, December 5, 2011

FUNtastic PCOS Fitness with Gina


My name is Gina and I am your fearless leader for our new Power Up for PCOS Fitness Challenge*!  I am excited to begin this challenge with you this month as a fellow member of our online community!

I can already hear some of you groaning over that F-word,  but don't despair!  By the end of this challenge, I hope you start to associate the word fitness with two other F-words: fun and fabulous!  Fitness should be fun and motivating to you and it should also make you feel fabulous and healthier!  I don't advocate the "no pain no gain" viewpoint when it comes to fitness, but I will encourage your best efforts and dedication to YOURSELF in taking on this challenge!

Please know that we are in this together. I am a woman with PCOS and currently serve as the Power Up for PCOS Representative in Arizona.  In heading up this challenge, please know from the get-go that  I am not athletic by nature and was the slowest runner in my gym classes with my flat feet and asthma.  I don't own a gym membership or run miles every day.  I am just like you.  :-)

A short time ago, however, I weighed just under 300 pounds and getting exercise was the LAST thing I thought of when trying to juggle the life of a wife, mom, and teacher.  Looking back at that time, I can see that I was slowly dying and had given up on ever feeling better in body, soul, and spirit.

But. . . then I learned that small efforts, when consistent, can make the greatest changes in our lives for the better.  I decided to start learning more about myself and how eating better and moving more would help me gain better health as I lost weight.  Little bit by little bit, I started to change.

Today, I am over 80+ pounds thinner and have found that I really do like moving and exercising my body!  I owe most of that to Leslie Sansone and her Walking at Home programs!  Even at 290+ pounds, I was able to get on my two feet and start walking a few minutes here and there with her at home, in privacy.  Now, I am walking more than a "few minutes" here and there - - - and I LOVE IT!  Who knew?

Yes, I love to exercise now and I don't avoid it anymore!  Hopefully by the end of this challenge you will experience this change for yourself too!  All it takes is baby steps and changing your mindset about moving your body!  Come on!  Are you ready?  Here are the details!

Fitness Challenge Details: Week One

This first week, we will take the first step to commit to the Challenge and then set aside the time to move our bodies each day for FIVE minutes (5 days this week)!  All it takes is FIVE minutes for five days!  That's a baby step you can do!

Check in with us on the main page and let us know that you are going to take on the Challenge and MOVE (dance to some tunes, walk around your home, bike, climb your stairs) for five minutes for five days this week!

I am in. . . . Are you???  Lace up those walking shoes!

Gina  :-)

* Please note that I am not a medical professional and I am not qualified to give out medical advice.  I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experience in this blog/Challenge and I advise you to consult your doctor or a medical professional to ensure that you are healthy enough for medical activity/before starting a new exercise program.*

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Journey Along with Me by Beth

This blog post is about my personal journey finding and living with my faith.  I do not push my beliefs on anyone.  This is a blog series I do for myself and those out there that wish to view it.  Please do not take offense from anything I say and please do not post negative comments on it.  If you wish to comment, please post only positive and encouraging words.  Please do not challenge my beliefs.  We all have our own and I am merely sharing my personal journey.  Thank you for understanding.

I feel that if I did not have PCOS then I would not have found my faith again.  I will tell you why.  I did not grow up learning about God.  When I was a teenager, I got invited to a Pizza party and they were talking about God there.  We ended up starting a teen fellowship.  I went for several years but it was a situation that whenever I found a new boyfriend that didn't believe, I stopped going.  This is how it was until this time.

So now we skip forward to this year.  I recently found my faith again after working with the PCOS Diva.  We were discussing the different aspects of life like relationships, work, spirituality.  I kept thinking that something was missing there.  So I really started to think about it and I suggested to my husband that I would like to go back to my old home fellowship.  He said he would go with me and try it.  So we started going as a family with my daughter.

One day I was telling my minister about my PCOS and he told me to pray for it.  I was shocked I never thought of doing that.  He said the bible is full of healings and promises that God will heal if you ask.

I had a chance to personally experience this when I got some bad news that I had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix and Endometrium.  I also was having signs of cervical polyups as well.  I was devastated.  As I was telling my husband what the Doctor said, he asked me, what should we do and I told him to just pray.

We did pray.  We prayed for my health and for everything to heal up.  I went in to the Doctors to have the tests done that would tell me if it was actually cancer or just abnormal cells.  They took 3 biopsies.  I had several abnormal spots.  They also checked for polyups because I had all the same signs I had the 2 previous times I had them.

I got my tests back and I had no polyups and all my biopsies came back great.  Some can say, I just didn't have them but I know I had some serious heath issues going on and I KNOW I had polyups.  I know for me personally, that God healed me and saved me.  As an added bonus, my PCOS symptoms are not as severe and I think they are going away more and more every day

I am glad for my gifts from God and I am glad I have found my faith again.

Here is my favorite verse right now: Matthew 21:22  And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Thank you for letting me share this with you.