Thursday, January 17, 2013

TTC Thursdays

It worked!!!  I'm Pregnant!!!!!!!  I'm so excited and happy!!!  It is very early still in the pregnancy, I will be 6 weeks along on Friday.  Although most people say you should wait 3 months, we learned after our son was stillborn at 7 months that you are never safe, therefore we are sharing this news and enjoying every minute of this pregnancy!  I am considered high risk for this pregnancy since my son was stillborn, but it means they will watch me very closely this time, which is a good thing.  We already have done 3 blood tests to ensure my numbers were doubling and we had our 1st ultrasound on Monday and the baby was right where it should be for how far along we were.  We are going to be followed by a regular doctor as well as a high risk doctor.  So after 8 years and 7 months of trying and our only pregnancy resulting in our son being stillborn, we are now pregnant with our 2nd child!  I love Pregnitude!!!  I would be the spokesperson for them if they wanted.  We were actually getting to the point of starting to give up hope, the first 2 months I didn't ovulate and we were getting nervous that we were wasting time.  Then on my 3rd month, I ovulated, which was a miracle and then we got pregnant, a double miracle!!!  I just can't believe it. I have never ovulated on anything besides Clomid before. I am considered anovulatory and I ovulated and got pregnant on Pregnitude.  It is a miracle supplement.  I think everyone with PCOS who is trying to conceive should consider giving it a chance, just check with your doctor first to make sure it is safe for you to be on it, it does interact with some medications and things.  If it could work for me after 8 years and 7 months, my hope is it would work for you too.  So my message is never give up hope, we almost did. There is always hope, keep trying, take Pregnitude, eat healthy, exercise, track your ovulation (we use ovulation predictor kits), and time your TTC.  I am wishing you all lots of luck in your TTC and hoping to hear about many more Pregnitude babies.  This could be a miracle supplement for women with PCOS.

Disclaimer: Please note that Pregnitude is an official sponsor of Power Up for PCOS 5K. However, the individual listed below is not affiliated with Pregnitude or a volunteer for Power Up for PCOS. Power Up for PCOS posted a request for someone starting Pregnitude to blog their personal experiences for the Power Up for PCOS blog. This should not be construed as medical advice. Please see your doctor for further information.*
Written by: Lauren Williams
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  1. HOLY MOLY!! That is amazing news! Congratulations!! I hope you will keep us updated as the pregnancy progresses.

  2. Congratulations!!! Seriously, that is awesome and amazing! We are currently pregnant as well (21 weeks today!). Not with Pregnitude, but definitely with diet and exercise (which resulted in 40lbs of weight loss) as well as other things that Power Up and inCYST encourage. I'm still soaking it in, and imagine you are as well after such a long journey. Hooray for amazing bodies and helping them function properly!

  3. Congrats!! I just started taking Pregnitude 4 days ago to see if it will help with all the other PCOS symptoms. Plus if we get pregnant.. great! Did the pregnitude make you tired? I am exhausted.


  5. Great! This is something we would like to thank the Lord for. Me and my cancer alternative treatment center wishes you well and congratulations to you.