Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's the Power Up for PCOS Walking Awareness Challenge!

It's the Power Up for PCOS Walking Awareness Challenge!

Every year, we do some big challenge. The first year, it was a walk-a-thon. The second, it was a 5K. Now, we have decided to have a month long event to really pack as much awareness in as we can during PCOS awareness month.

Are you excited yet? I am! 

Here's the details:

Registration is necessary for all those planning to participate.  Please register using the form here.

During the month of September, we will be holding a Power Up Walking Awareness Challenge, which is a challenge to see how many miles you can rack up before the end of the month. On top of that event, we will be having other challenges to go along with it like make your own PCOS bling to wear, decorate your own PCOS t-shirts (or you can pick one up from our CafePress store), PCOS picture challenges, local walking groups and so on. To see if there is a group walking near you, please visit our facebook page, and join your local group listed under the about section.

We will be tracking everyone's standings and 3 people will receive a gift basket filled with PCOS bling. One will go to the person with the most miles and the other two are randomly chosen. That really sounds awesome, doesn't it?

How to Join In:

Step 1: Register for FREE by completing the short form here  We need only the basic information. Set a personal goal that you would like to reach for the month too.

Step 2: Start planning some of the places you will walk and how you will track your miles. You can use different apps to track miles or you can go to websites and map it out like Make sure to be safe and walk with a buddy or in well lit public areas. Bonus: plan on people walking with you to support you.

Step 3: Determine if you would like to raise money for an organization listed on our Where To Give page. This is a list of places we believe to be doing something awesome to affect and improve PCOS or related symptoms/diseases. When you visit that page, you will be able to click on each place and give directly to them. We do encourage you to raise some money for these organizations so there can be advances in the treatment of PCOS and it's related symptoms. If there is an organization you would like to see listed there, please suggest it to us by using the contact form or emailing You can also help support our website by giving a small gift using the Support Our Cause page.

Step 4: Every Monday, visit our Submit Your Miles page and complete the quick form. You can bookmark that page to make it easier to find too.

Step 5: Check the standings to see where you rank. Remember, 3 people get a gift basket filled with PCOS bling. To check the standings, visit here.
We look forward to all our participants having a great time! For questions or concerns, please e-mail or call 810-545-PCOS.

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