Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Journey Along with Me by Beth

So I have some great news to share!  Today, I graduated the PCOS Diva's Discover Your Diva Health Program.  It is a 6 month program that completely changed my life.  I am proud of myself today for all that I have accomplished in the last 6 months.

When I started her program, I was in that desperate state where I didn't know what to do.  I didn't believe everyone when they said I had to change my lifestyle to a more natural and physically active way.  I never thought it would work.  I was very wrong.  Within the first 3 months of working with her I had lost over 15 inches off the various parts of my body.  I am still losing at would give you a total today but I can't find my tape measure.  I will update you on that later when I find it.  That was also a big change.

I started her program with the goal of losing weight which I know is what a goal for most of is.  I ended the program with a "I don't give a crap about my weight" attitude.  I FEEL healthy.  I am working on my activity still and will continue to lose as time passes but I finally figured out that it's not about the weight.  It's about getting in touch with your inner Diva.  I know what my body needs now and how to take care of it.

It has been an amazing 6 months and this was definitely the lifestyle change everyone was talking about.  She is an amazing coach and I will forever be thankful to her for saving my life.  Because of her, I have found my self and I am happy for the first time in a long time.  I am proud of who I am and I do things everyday for ME.  She has taught me so much that I really could go on forever with this.  Biggest thing of all is I now KNOW how to be healthy.  I am on supplements and only one medication.  The health benefits are great.  I get my blood work done next week and I am excited to see the results.

Because of the PCOS Diva, I LIVE!

Here is my gift for graduating her program.  You can just see on my face how proud and happy I am.  I am no longer that woman that sits on her couch day after day feeling sorry for herself because nothing can help her.

Of course I also look like I'm point at my boobs, but I am actually pointing at the I'm a Diva.

Please take this blog post for what it is and understand that I do not get anything for telling you about the PCOS Diva and her program.  I am writing this post for ME because I am sharing what I am proud of accomplishing.  I talk about the PCOS Diva a lot because I believe in her program from first hand experience and think it's worth sharing those experiences with others.  Thank you for understanding.

For more information on the PCOS Diva, you can visit her website at or check her out on facebook.

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