Thursday, December 27, 2012

TTC Thursdays

I am now 3 months into the Pregnitude, getting ready to start my 4th box and I have some very exciting news to share.  I ovulated for the first time on Pregnitude and it's also my first time ovulating without the help of Clomid!  This was so exciting for me, I never thought I would be able to ovulate without the help of fertility drugs and now the Pregnitude has helped me to ovulate! It is definitely working and on my 3rd month, I was so excited!  Getting the positive ovulation test was almost as exciting as if it had been a positive pregnancy test.

So here's what happened, I started  testing with OPK's on Day 9.  On Day 14 my OPK gave a positive digital result but when I looked at the two lines they were not the same darkness, plus my cervical mucus was not indicating ovulation, so I had the feeling it was a false positive.  But we still TTC'd every day for the next 3 days in case it was a real positive.  In the meantime, I kept testing with the OPK to see if we would get another positive.  Then on Day 19, I got another positive and when I checked the lines, they were of equal darkness indicating ovulation plus my cervical mucus was indicating ovulation, so I knew this was the real ovulation and the other one was a false positive.  Since the OPKs indicate you will ovulate in the next 24-36 hours, we TTC'd for another 3 days in a row.  We are now on Day 26 and we are hoping for a miracle!  We are going to take a pregnancy test in 8 days if I don't get my period by then, so keep your fingers crossed that this cycle will be the miracle we have been waiting for over 8.5 years.  I feel hopeful but don't want to get too excited either.

So I hope my message can be of hope to you.  Keep the faith, keep trying, never give up hope and Pregnitude can work and hopefully make you ovulate too!  Wishing you all the luck of ovulation as well!

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Written by: Lauren Williams
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  1. Very exciting!!! I'm either 2 or 3 months into Pregnitude (it's terrible I can't remember). I almost always ovulate, just very late which my RE believes could lead to poor quality eggs. Anyway, this month I ovulated on CD14 like a normal person! It's the first time I've ever O'd that early without fertility drugs. Exciting stuff.

  2. That's very exciting! I'm so happy for you too!

  3. I said a prayer for you though i dont even know you but our heart knows what you are going through and i honestly pray for God to do what only He can do... have everything work together to make a perfect miracle!

    1. Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me.