Thursday, December 6, 2012

TTC Thursdays

I am well into my 3rd box of Pregnitude and I have had an interesting couple of weeks.  My light period that I had after a 42 day cycle wasn't really a period at all.  It all started when I started testing for ovulation around what I thought was cycle day 10 of my new cycle.  Every time I tested, my 2nd line was always nearly invisible which means I was no where near ovulating and had no LH Hormone for ovulation. I tested for about 8 days and the line was always near invisible.  I also track ovulation through cervical mucous and I had absolutely no mucous, which also indicates no where near ovulation.  Then my breasts started to become sore which usually happens before I get my period, but didn't happen before my short period.  So with sore breasts, no cervical mucous and a nearly invisible OPK line, I knew I was either getting my period for real this time or pregnant.  I took another pregnancy test but it was negative, so I just waited.  After about another week and a half, my period started 4 days ago.  I am confident this is a real period as all signs point toward it plus having the sore breasts this time.  Since this period was only 3weeks after my last one, I am assuming that was just 9 days of light bleeding and this is my real period.  That means I actually had a 63 day cycle so I am guessing this is just my body's way of trying to regulate my hormones from the Pregnitude.  So I feel like the Pregnitude is working hard to try and get my hormones more regulated.  So I am now on Day 4 of this cycle and really hoping that since I am on my 3rd box of Pregnitude, that maybe I will ovulate this month.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

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Written by: Lauren Williams
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