Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Call to Action! Everyone Please Read This

Why was Power Up for PCOS created?

Let's take a look at our missions statement:

Power Up for PCOS - emPowering Women to Manage PCOS

Power Up for PCOS provides support to women with PCOS through educational Power Up Groups, building connections with other PCOS women, calendar of upcoming PCOS events, professional referrals and reviews, PCOS store, and other specialized events to raise money for PCOS research.

Power Up for PCOS was created because of what I was out there seeking after I was diagnosed.  I know a lot of you are interested in attending Power Up Groups.  Some have even agreed to volunteer for Power Up to organize groups in their area.  The members and volunteers of Power Up for PCOS are working hard to make our mission what we want it to be.

Here lies the problem with accomplishing this:
I have seen very little participation from this group.  I post activities like the Power Up Birthday Bash.  Volunteers have organized groups and last night our California Rep had her first meeting. She took the time to volunteer for us to run a group in her home state.  She took the time to plan out a location, date and time.  She prepared for the meeting and then rushed right from work to the meeting even though she is not feeling well right now.  She sat alone in that room for an hour.  No one showed up.

Do you realize that we are not giving you just another group of women sitting around and talking?  We are providing you with top of the line, high quality and reliable education that will give you the right understanding to help you manage your PCOS symptoms.  Where else are you going to get that?  That's why we created it, because I couldn't find a group where I could go and learn about my PCOS and ask questions and connect with others.

Sponsors have been interested and very willing to give money and gifts to us and those we work with and all they are looking for is to see women participating.  They did not see enough participation so they turned and gave to other organizations.

I choose to work a part time job so that I have time for this because I believe in this and it is my passion.  I give up SEVERAL hours a day away from other things I could be doing to work on Power Up for PCOS.

I understand that you all have other obligations but if you ladies don't put yourselves first then there will come a point where things will get drastically worse for you.  I understand your symptoms are not pleasant but look at the long term reprocussions of not treating your PCOS.

I am making a call to action:
I would like every woman out there to look at where your PCOS is, what your symptoms are and what are 3 things you could do RIGHT NOW to make things better.

The alternative is that Power Up for PCOS will no longer be around.  If we don't get women to the Power Up Group's, to participate in PCOS events and to take control of their health then no one will take us seriously, all our sponsors will go away, our volunteers will quit, and Power Up for PCOS will fail.  So for all those that love what we are doing, TAKE ACTION!

I'm sorry if any of you have found this offensive or too blunt for you but I cannot sit here and put all this work in for nothing.  I do not want online only groups.  This was meant to education and connect us.  Let's Go!

I am asking you all to make this pledge right now:
I WILL become educated about what I can do to manage my PCOS symptoms better
I WILL take steps to manage my PCOS symptoms better
I WILL consider leading a Power Up group in my area
I WILL be actively seeking a group in my area so I can attend and connect with others and become educated.  If the group is going on during a time that is not convenient, I will make every effort to move things around to be able to attend OR discuss time changes with the Representative and the possibility of having another meeting

Thank You,
The Power Up for PCOS Team
810 - 545 - PCOS (7267)

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