Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Power Cysters ~ Beth

Here is my weekly check-in and some before and now pictures.

Everyone talks about cravings.  I was thinking to myself, what cravings?  I don't have any cravings.  So 2 weeks ago, we didn't have much money and I gave into the thinking of, OK, let's eat cheap.  I went for old food habits like processed foods and such.  This was NOT a good idea.  Last week, it seemed like I could not eat enough food and I was craving sugar and chocolate and more.  It took me a few days to realize why.

I think I ended up spending more on food than I normally would have during the week that I was giving into a lot of my cravings.  My eyes are opened now and I see what was going on.  So I am back to eating whole, natural food the majority of the time now.  We all go through these struggles and we have to learn from it.  I learned that it is cheaper in the end and better for my health to just go with the food that I KNOW is better for me.  On a side note, spent a lot of time in the bathroom during that time.  Was it worth all that to save a little bit of money for 1 week? NO WAY.  Won't be doing that again!

So other than that, you know from a previous post that we worked out on Saturday together.  I did some measurements last night as well so I have ways to more mark my progress.  From now on, I will only share updates on what has changed since the previous week but I wanted you all to know where it all started.  Since the beginning of my journey back last year, I have lost a total of 7 pounds and 18.50 inches.  As far as symptoms go, this is my list of symptoms that I have and where they were at the beginning of my journey and where they are now.

June 2011
*Irregular Periods – Bleeding Heavy for long periods of time even months
*Irregular or Absent Ovulation
*Hair on face
*Obesity (especially around the stomach)
*Difficulty Losing Weight
*Mood Swings
*Acne on face and body
*Ovarian Cysts
*Skin Tags
*Sex Drive (comes in swings, sometimes way too much and sometimes not at all)
*Hormonal Imbalance
*Polyps (not a symptom of PCOS but an after effect of not having a period)
*Low Iron
*Low Vitamin D
*Low Thyroid

February 2012
*Irregular Periods – still irregular but I started on my own recently, had a hard time stopping but feel like it's getting better
*Irregular or Absent Ovulation - not sure if ovulating yet, just started charting to find out
*Hair on face - still there
*Obesity - still there but after losing 18.5" feel better about it
*Difficulty Losing Weight - this part is irritating but I focus on the inches and symptoms instead
*Fatigue - a lot better now that I am on medication for thyroid
*Depression - this is the one that impresses me quite a bit.  Not really much of a problem anymore
*Anxiety - here and there but again not much of a problem anymore
*Mood Swings - this depends on where I am in my cycle and if I have been bleeding for a long time but I still think is better than before
*Acne on face and body - almost gone when eating the right foods, also, people have commented how my skin looks better and has a glow
*Ovarian Cysts - last check in December, there were none at the moment
*Skin Tags - still there
*Sex Drive (comes in swings, sometimes way too much and sometimes not at all)
*Hormonal Imbalance - my hormones are leveling out a bit.  I am not taking medication for this, I am taking a natural herb so it is a slow process.
*Polyps - last check in December, there were none at the moment
*Low Iron - I now take 1 a day so it doesn't get that low when bleeding
*Low Vitamin D - I am taking a supplement now so this is so much better, still not at the level it needs to be but getting there
*Low Thyroid - on medication for this which does give me more energy and makes me feel better

Here is a picture from now:

and one from WAY back when all this started, I think it was from December of 2009 then I sat there and did nothing until February of 2011.

One more shout-out.  I did not do this on my own.  When I started this, I was in a very desperate state looking  for a magic pill that would make everything go away and I was trying metformin and it was making me sick to my stomach to the point where I didn't want to leave the house.  Amy, the PCOS Diva, took my hand and walked me through a complete lifestyle change.  She showed me how to live a better life and live like a Diva.

Thanks for listening and as always, I am open to talk about anything with my PCOS.  You can e-mail me at


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