Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Power Cyster ~ Lindsay

Hi all!

Hope everyone is doing well! I apologize for not posting more frequently, I guess life just happens huh? 

Anyway, I talked last time about starting medication for my Thyroid, well IT'S WORKING!!!! I can not believe how much energy I have now! Ummm, I even cleaned the inside doors and baseboards in my house (haven't done that since we moved in)!! I have also been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and going for walks instead of hitting the gym. When I do start going to the gym again (probably the end of the week or next) I am excited to have my husband start going with me as well! It should make for a good time, we both have to get in shape for some weddings this summer/fall =)

SO...........since I started the new medication and have continued to eat well and exercise I have lost a grand total of 14 inches over my entire body!!! I have not weighed myself as that is not a huge factor for me, rather I am enjoying feeling better and having my clothes fit better again. This is huge for me, I finally feel like I have control over my body and my health, something is finally working!

I truly hope that all the other women out there following the Power Cysters will gain the knowledge and support they need to reach their goals as well! 

So my goal for this coming week: I want to continue to eat well and try at least one new PCOS friendly recipe and also I am in search of a goal dress :) This dress I will wear for a family members wedding this fall. SO I am going to find the dress I want to wear and look fabulous in and I will post a picture so you all can help me achieve that goal.

Thanks for reading!

Power Cyster ~ Lindsay

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