Thursday, November 22, 2012

TTC Thursdays

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  So I am almost at the 2 month mark on Pregnitude and I just bought my 3rd box.  This past week my period ended, it lasted for 9 days, but it was very light the entire time.  The thing that concerns me with that is I am afraid if I didn't shed enough, then my lining might be too thick & implantation may not be able to occur if it is too thick, so that is my concern with this new cycle.  I am feeling very hopeful that we will ovulate this cycle, I would really love to be pregnant for Christmas, I've asked Santa for a baby for Christmas for 8.5 years.  We were pregnant with our son 2 Christmases ago and we had the ultrasound to determine if he was a boy or girl early december and had them put it in an envelope and then we opened it as our Christmas present to find out he was a boy and gave that present to everyone else in our family as well.  It was a great story to tell him until he passed away.  Last year was Baby's 1st Christmas for him and that was really hard and all the holidays are extremely difficult without him, so it would be so nice if we could have something happy this Christmas like being pregnant with another baby.  A new baby won't replace our son, but we would still like to have more children. The holidays are such a child centric time and that's really hard for people with infertility and even harder with a stillborn baby and infertility.  I say a special prayer for all of you going through infertility or child loss that you have a peaceful Thanksgiving and hopefully there are babies in all of our futures.

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Written by: Lauren Williams
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