Monday, December 5, 2011

FUNtastic PCOS Fitness with Gina


My name is Gina and I am your fearless leader for our new Power Up for PCOS Fitness Challenge*!  I am excited to begin this challenge with you this month as a fellow member of our online community!

I can already hear some of you groaning over that F-word,  but don't despair!  By the end of this challenge, I hope you start to associate the word fitness with two other F-words: fun and fabulous!  Fitness should be fun and motivating to you and it should also make you feel fabulous and healthier!  I don't advocate the "no pain no gain" viewpoint when it comes to fitness, but I will encourage your best efforts and dedication to YOURSELF in taking on this challenge!

Please know that we are in this together. I am a woman with PCOS and currently serve as the Power Up for PCOS Representative in Arizona.  In heading up this challenge, please know from the get-go that  I am not athletic by nature and was the slowest runner in my gym classes with my flat feet and asthma.  I don't own a gym membership or run miles every day.  I am just like you.  :-)

A short time ago, however, I weighed just under 300 pounds and getting exercise was the LAST thing I thought of when trying to juggle the life of a wife, mom, and teacher.  Looking back at that time, I can see that I was slowly dying and had given up on ever feeling better in body, soul, and spirit.

But. . . then I learned that small efforts, when consistent, can make the greatest changes in our lives for the better.  I decided to start learning more about myself and how eating better and moving more would help me gain better health as I lost weight.  Little bit by little bit, I started to change.

Today, I am over 80+ pounds thinner and have found that I really do like moving and exercising my body!  I owe most of that to Leslie Sansone and her Walking at Home programs!  Even at 290+ pounds, I was able to get on my two feet and start walking a few minutes here and there with her at home, in privacy.  Now, I am walking more than a "few minutes" here and there - - - and I LOVE IT!  Who knew?

Yes, I love to exercise now and I don't avoid it anymore!  Hopefully by the end of this challenge you will experience this change for yourself too!  All it takes is baby steps and changing your mindset about moving your body!  Come on!  Are you ready?  Here are the details!

Fitness Challenge Details: Week One

This first week, we will take the first step to commit to the Challenge and then set aside the time to move our bodies each day for FIVE minutes (5 days this week)!  All it takes is FIVE minutes for five days!  That's a baby step you can do!

Check in with us on the main page and let us know that you are going to take on the Challenge and MOVE (dance to some tunes, walk around your home, bike, climb your stairs) for five minutes for five days this week!

I am in. . . . Are you???  Lace up those walking shoes!

Gina  :-)

* Please note that I am not a medical professional and I am not qualified to give out medical advice.  I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experience in this blog/Challenge and I advise you to consult your doctor or a medical professional to ensure that you are healthy enough for medical activity/before starting a new exercise program.*

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