Monday, March 5, 2012

Power Up for PCOS Wellness Hunt - Week One!

So, here we go!  It's the start of week one of our Wellness Hunt!  I don't know about you, but I am actually  very excited to start this week and join in with all of you taking steps to put together the pieces of our personal Wellness with PCOS!

Week One:  FOCUS on Physical Wellness

For the next five days, you want to search out five different ways that you can add to your Physical Wellness and post a picture or a status update on our Power Up for PCOS Community Page!  Our Wellness Hunt is really that simple  - but you will see that by the end of the week that those five days of doing something new for YOU have really added up!

Here are some ideas for you to get thinking about what you can do this week to POWER up Physically for PCOS Wellness:

  1. Take a meditative walk on your lunch-break or after dinner for 20 minutes.
  2. Eat a veggie or piece of fruit instead of your usual chips/pretzels/regular soda.
  3. Cut back on caffeine.
  4. Take your vitamins.
  5. Add in another glass of water somewhere during the day (maybe after your walk!).
  6. Do something to make yourself feel pretty (facial, manicure, new haircolor!).
  7. Go to bed at night when you get tired.  Really. Aim to get more sleep than normal.
  8. Try a new workout - look up a video on You Tube of something you'd like to try!
  9. Consider joining a free website like My Fitness Pal, FitDay, or Sparkpeople to track your fitness goals.
  10. Make an appointment with your doctor and/or dentist to have a physical/check up/blood-work done.

Whatever you decide to do to build Physical Wellness in yourself the next five days, we'd like to hear about it and even see your pictures on our Facebook Page!  There is no right or wrong way to do this Challenge - but this week we will be working and encouraging each other to put the pieces together to add to our Physical Wellness!  

Hope you join me!  See you around Facebook!

P.S. - If you haven't RSVP's to this event, you can join us here, but it isn't necessary to join the event to join us for the FUN!

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