Monday, March 19, 2012

Power Up for PCOS Wellness Hunt - Week Three!

We are already to week three of our Wellness Hunt!  Have you joined in yet?

This week the focus will be on building and supporting our Emotional Wellness.  

This week's focus is timely for me as I lost someone very special to me last week. . . and it has thrown me for a loop in so many ways.  When we are faced with a loss or stress of any kind, it can wreak havoc on our bodies, minds, and emotions, and we will suffer from the effects as a result of not taking steps to find a healthy way to deal with it all.  

Here are some ways to help Power Up your Emotional Wellness (tips taken from here) this week: 

  1. Focus on relationships - build a support system for yourself through community (We have one for you with Power Up for PCOS/groups, but you can attend church and volunteer groups in your area as well.)
  2. Take some time to "check in" with yourself, alone, in the quiet.  Tune in and assess where you are and what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing in your life right now.
  3. Start moving your body and eliminate unhealthy habits.   Get some endorphins circulating and leave the things behind forever that can drain your health!
  4. Find something fun (hobby, etc.) that you can do for a few minutes each day.  You DO deserve and NEED a break from working all the time. 
  5. Identify what is your passion - and then start pursuing (enjoying) it.  For me, it's photography and other creative pursuits, like writing.  Different stages of life bring different interests - embrace that!
  6. Realize that perfection isn't possible.  Again, this is something I deal with each day, but SLOWLY I am learning to do my best and be OK with that.  Good enough is better than not attempted.
  7. Start writing.  Yes, I said writing.  It's a proven fact that journaling/writing/giving words to/expressing your emotions in one form or another is a HUGE, healthy release for our emotions and allows us to find peace or resolution in them.  Seek out therapy, a sympathetic ear of a friend, start a journal/blog, pray, or go out in nature and speak the words out loud.  This will be a huge one for me this week.
  8. Identify the energy drains (vampires) in your life - and learn to draw healthy boundaries.  Whether it's a person, situation, or unhealthy expectations and responsibilities, learn to notice what's taking more away from you than giving back.  Then, take steps to protect yourself from it and recharge your batteries before you hit a crisis point.
Whatever you decide to do to build Emotional  Wellness in yourself the next five days, we'd like to hear about it and even see your pictures on our Facebook Page!  There is no right or wrong way to do this Challenge - but this week we will be working and encouraging each other to put the pieces together to add to our Emotional Wellness!   

We suffer from a huge breakdown of emotional wellness in this country in every region and across all racial, gender, socio-economic, and intellectual levels - and I sense that there are many in our very own PCOS community that have struggles, big struggles in this area as well. 

That being said: don't  be afraid to realize that you might need help or extra support in this area.  Reach out to a trusted friend and/or medical professional if you suspect that you need help and are facing a struggle that seems overwhelming.  There is NO shame in admitting that you are in a place where you need help.  From me to you, please make that step and reach out to others if you are needing help.  We here at Power UP will support you in your journey as you deal with whatever you are facing,

Together, no matter the challenge, we can Power Up for PCOS and face the world stronger together than we can ever do alone.

My love to all of you who did reach out and support me last week in the loss of my special friend.  I will never forget that.

See you around Facebook!  



  1. I've had some of my own trauma this week. A good friend was diagnosed with cancer, my cousin's baby is going in for heart surgery, and I'm feeling a bit helpless in the inability to do anything. I want to make it better, and what they need is a miracle. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. Dawn - Thank you for reaching out and sharing this with me. I am here for you in this and will be praying for them. . . .

    You are a treasure!