Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 4:Spiritual Wellness

This month has been a month of discovery for me and time of self-reflection that I have needed for a long time.  Each day (Monday - Friday) I have taken the time to think about what could build my wellness in body, soul, mind, and spirit.  I have gone through a month of joy and loss, but through it all, I have learned the importance of self-care and the importance of letting go of perfectionism.  Above all else, I have learned what really soothes my spirit, makes my heart soar, and gets my heart pumping!

So, this week, we will be focusing on building and tuning into our spiritual wellness.  Spiritual wellness and forms of expression will vary widely from person to person and across different faiths.  This week you get to choose  what YOU want to do to care for your spiritual wellness.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Spend some time in prayer and/or meditation
  2. Read a book to build your faith-walk
  3. Spend time listening to uplifting music
  4. Write in a thankfulness journal every day
  5. Meet friends for a time of fellowship and communion
  6. Spend time in your house of worship
  7. Light a candle and focus on your blessings
  8. Paint a picture, play a song, write down a message that has been burning in your heart
  9. Reach out to someone in need
  10. Know that you aren't meant to be perfect but to strive daily for excellence.
I hope you will tune into our Facebook page/community and share what you are doing this week for your Spiritual Wellness!

See you around Facebook!

Whatever you decide to do to build Spiritual  Wellness in yourself the next five days, we'd like to hear about it and even see your pictures on our Facebook Page!  There is no right or wrong way to do this Challenge - but this week we will be working and encouraging each other to put the pieces together to add to our Spiritual Wellness!   

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