Monday, September 24, 2012

It's the week of the 5K - Our game plan!

Well, the week of our 5K is upon us... and I wanted to share with you what I am focusing on this week to prepare myself for walking in our event!

Over the next few days, I plan to walk 3-4 times.  This is how I am breaking it down here in crunch week:

  1. First day: walk for 20 minutes
  2. Second day: walk for 40 minutes
  3. Third day: walk for 60 minutes
  4. Fourth Day: walk for 90 minutes (as time allows)
I am breaking it down to the basics this week: early bedtimes, more water, balanced protein, and time spent walking (conditioning) to get my body and my feet ready for Saturday's activities!

How are you doing with preparing for the 5K?  Share with me here or on Facebook!

You can do it - WE can do it - together!  In this last week of PCOS Awareness Month, let's show our support by linking arms and Powering Up for PCOS together by walking in our 5K!

There's still time to register!  Go here for more information!

See ya around Facebook!

Gina Weeks, AZ Volunteer Representative for Power Up for PCOS

Written by: Gina Weeks, AZ Representative for Power Up for PCOS which provides support to women with PCOS through educational Power Up Groups, building connections with other PCOS women, calendar of upcoming PCOS events, professional referrals and reviews, PCOS store, and other specialized events to raise money for PCOS research. To find our more, visit, email or by calling 810-545-PCOS (7267)

Power Up for PCOS - emPowering Women to Manage PCOS

*Please note that I am not a medical professional. I am not qualified to give out any medical advice. I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experiences in this blog and I advise you to consult a professional.*

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