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The benefits of exercising with friends! - Gina

Strong women in hearts, minds, and bodies!

     In preparing for our upcoming 5K, I have encountered some obstacles and challenges, even in getting my weekly blog post written and scheduled!  I will not let these things derail me from the initial goal of getting myself conditioned and ready to face our upcoming 5K or the final goal of ultimately becoming a healthier me.  I am keeping on keeping on. . . so to speak.  I hope that you are too.  :-)

     One of the biggest blessings in being the fitness enthusiast in our community is learning how I can best encourage myself to seek out ways to add in more exercise to my daily life... and just this past week I was able to experience the joy and fun of exercising in community by taking a walk with two new PCOS friends at the Mall!

     Most ladies that I know are more than willing to have a spa day, a trip to the movies, a date out to eat, or an excursion to the mall to shop and hang out with their friends; not many ladies I know are in the mood to exercise in general and especially not when they could relax with a latte rather than sweat it out together chugging on a water bottle - but, why not?  

     It's a known fact that we are a people influenced by peer pressure and that we become more and more like the people who make up our inner circle of relationships.  I for one am more than happy to go with the flow most of the time and am willing to tag along with a group, not with any special plan or Type A goals in mind.  I enjoy the occasional night out with friends and a recharging of my friendship batteries when I can leave the cares behind and just enjoy making memories with those I love.

     In taking time to think about this a little bit more I realize that there have been many times when I've wondered if it's time to shake things up a little bit, think out of the box, and look for ways to spend time together and make the time count in a more positive way.  I am not suggesting that we go into a visit with pals or family loudly announcing that we are not going to allow us to get lazy or pack on more pounds - - -  we are going to exercise y'all!  Not at all - but hear me out!

     In taking the time to meet these precious ladies at the Mall and work on a common goal together, I learned of the power to be found in simply working together and being in a more positive frame of mind.  There is power in numbers.  We feed off of each other's positive energy and shared experiences.  I could have gone to the Mall alone, walked for that hour+  by myself, and still gotten in a good workout, but, I would have missed something I can't even describe to you.  I left my workout with an uplifted spirit, a more positive mindset, and a heart that was touched by the power of friendship, although the three of us had never met until that day.

For every positive physiological change that occurs in the body, 
there is a corresponding and equally positive change that occurs within the mind.
---Doug Robertson

     As we get into the final stretch of preparing for our 5K and a life of better health and more activity, try to see how  you can simply add in more movement to your days AND in your relationships!  I wonder, if like me, you see your mind and emotions shift in a positive way just in the simple act of being in community and doing something proactive towards a better YOU!

     What do you think? Feel free to share with me in the comments!

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Written by: Gina Weeks, AZ Representative for Power Up for PCOS which provides support to women with PCOS through educational Power Up Groups, building connections with other PCOS women, calendar of upcoming PCOS events, professional referrals and reviews, PCOS store, and other specialized events to raise money for PCOS research.  To find our more, visit, email or by calling 810-545-PCOS (7267)

Power Up for PCOS - emPowering Women to Manage PCOS

*Please note that I am not a medical professional. I am not qualified to give out any medical advice. I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experiences in this blog and I advise you to consult a professional.* 


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