Friday, August 10, 2012

Faithful Friday's: New Group and a Chance to Challenge Yourself

Power Up for PCOS started a emPowering Faithful Cysters page sometime ago.  Now we have a private group too where you can post freely without your friends or family seeing your posts.  Only members can see posts.  I'm excited to share my faith with others.  I believe it is our purpose in life.  Sometimes you just need to make a prayer request, sometimes you need to vent about something going on and sometimes we love to share what God has done for us.  Hop on over and join our group.

On Monday, August 13th, we will be starting the Joyce Meyer's 8 Week Boot Camp series.  Monday-Friday, we will be posting instructions on which video's to watch and what articles to read.  This is an amazing series and I personally got so much help from the season 1 last year.  It is all about strengthening your faith.  It is especially great for new believers or those that wish to enhance your life with God.  You don't have to join in the bible study in order to be part of the group.

Hope to see you all there...

Written by: Beth Wolf, founder of Power Up for PCOS which provides support to women with PCOS through educational Power Up Groups, building connections with other PCOS women, calendar of upcoming PCOS events, professional referrals and reviews, PCOS store, and other specialized events to raise money for PCOS research.  She can be reached by visiting, emailing or by calling 810-545-PCOS (7267)

Power Up for PCOS - emPowering Women to Manage PCOS

*Please note that I am not a medical professional. I am not qualified to give out any medical advice. I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experiences in this blog and I advise you to consult a professional.* 

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