Monday, August 13, 2012

Training for the 5K - wk 1 update/looking to week 2!

So, one week behind me and I know all of you are waiting for my update on how it all went!  Right?  :-)

Well, wait no longer because here is the lowdown in a nutshell, in perfect honesty!

I had plans to follow the couch to 5K program - and I did.  I had plans to work out 3 days over last week... and I only made it to two days because on day three I was taking care of a sick kiddo!  But, that doesn't mean I consider myself a failure and plan on giving up!  Oh no!  Knowing I missed a day last week means that I need to add in an extra day this week AND make sure to plan out things better when it comes to a backup plan for when my plans have to take a back seat to life!

This week my goal is to exercise according to the couch to 5K program, adjusting my speed of walking  according to the chart, for FOUR days, rather than three!  I do want you to know that being a woman who is still over 200 lbs AND who used to weigh just under 300 lbs I have to be very careful of my knees and ankles getting too much impact when running, for instance.  I can't run without being very careful to not injure myself!  I modify my walking to account for the faster speed cycle, but I am not running full-out!  Be sure to take that into consideration when starting to walk as you train for this event!  Listen to your body and get your body moving and your heart pumping!

That, my friends, in a nutshell, is how you train to walk a 5K!

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