Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Shop or Not to Shop

To Shop or Not to Shop?  That is the question.
When do you shop?  When your hungry, depressed or tired?

Let me give you a great example...

The past week or so, I have been feeling pretty lousy.  I have not been compliant with my supplements because of frustration with some other issues going on in my cycle like heavy bleeding for almost 2 months now.  It seems that when things don't go perfect, I stop taking what I am supposed to, stop eating what I am supposed to and stop exercising like I am supposed to.  Well that doesn't really accomplish anything does it?

When I feel like this, shopping is a challenge. I tend to gravitate towards the pasta's or the easy made food.  My basket does not usually contain fruits or vegetables.  I am just too tired to even think about what to get so I go back to my old routine.

I had an epiphany today in the store today.  I went through the store and looked at AND BOUGHT some great foods today.  My basket had some corn on the cob (because inCYST mentioned it and I just had to have it), potatoes that I like to spritz with olive oil and bake, some delicious red seedless grapes that were huge and soooooo yummy, and even some boneless skinless chicken breasts that they were having a sale on.  Yeah me.  I wonder what came over me to where I felt like getting all this yummy food.  I guess it might have something to do with the fact that I started being consistent with my supplements a few days ago.  Imagine that, actually taking my supplements makes a difference.

We can make several points here in this post.

1. Consistent in your supplements.  You aren't going to feel how you should be feeling if you are not taking what you have decided will help you consistently.  If you are supposed to be taking something 7 days a week and you get 3 or 4 days in, it may help but it probably won't do much.

2. Shop to your advantage.  Go shopping when you feel great is a wonderful way to keep your shopping list in check.  Most people that go shopping when their not feeling great, tired, sad or starving usually don't make the best choices on food.  Food is medicine.  Use it to treat your "not feeling great, tired, sad or starving" mood.

3.  Although I only touched on this one for a moment, when you are taking your supplements correctly, eating the yummy, healthy food, you will be more likely to exercise too.  You will have the vital nutrients your body needs to get off the couch and DO SOMETHING.  While I am mentioning the exercise part, I will through a little blurb in there for our upcoming 5K fundraiser.  You could practice training for that.

Here are some pictures of the delicious grapes I bought today:

 Doesn't it make your mouth water?

Written by: Beth Wolf, founder of Power Up for PCOS which provides support to women with PCOS through educational Power Up Groups, building connections with other PCOS women, calendar of upcoming PCOS events, professional referrals and reviews, PCOS store, and other specialized events to raise money for PCOS research.  She can be reached by visiting, emailing or by calling 810-545-PCOS (7267)

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*Please note that I am not a medical professional. I am not qualified to give out any medical advice. I am a woman with PCOS who is sharing my personal experiences in this blog and I advise you to consult a professional.* 

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