Sunday, October 16, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 8

We are heading into the home stretch.  3 more challenges including this one.  You have done amazing.  You all should be very proud of yourselves.  You have EARNED the certificates coming your way.

Challenge 8 is another important aspect of our PCOS and health in general.  This post will touch everybody differently.

This challenge is to meditate on your spirituality.  Go into another room and spend some quiet time with your eyes closed and away from the world for 15 or more minutes.  Think about your current beliefs.  Do you believe in God?  What are your beliefs as far as healing goes?  This challenge is not to tell you, you need to go believe in God and everything will be great.  This challenge is intended to open up the mind and get you thinking about the possibility of a better way of living.  If you find you are completely satisfied with your beliefs, then that's great and you have completed the challenge.

So, let me share a little of what has happened to me.  I did not know any higher being or God growing up.  When I was a teenager, I found a teen home fellowship.  I went for a few years but didn't really follow the word of God or do much different.  Now, fast forward to just a few months ago.  My marriage was in deep trouble and I was kind of not going any further with my PCOS journey.  My husband and I watched the movie Fireproof and we contemplated on what that could do for our marriage.  We started believing in God and living by his word.  We started teaching our daughter all about God as well.  Instantly, my marriage as well as my PCOS journey started moving forward again.  My health has improved greatly.  I still have PCOS and i still have my problems but life has changed so much and brought so much more happiness since I became a believer.

So, this is my story.  We all have our own beliefs and our own journey's.  I truly believe that my faith has made me whole and changed my PCOS journey.  The challenge is to just meditate and contemplate on what your beliefs are and if there is anything you want to change about them.

Please reply with an "I did it" to let me know you are participating and feel free to share anything.  Good Luck!

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  1. Taking the time to listen to yourself, makes so much sense, and helps a whole heap. It is a shame that I dont do it more often! Maybe I should.