Friday, October 14, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 6

How did the whole/natural/organic eating go?  Hopefully everyone was able to do atleast 80% for the day.  Hopefully, we all saw the results in how our bodies and minds felt.  This is a great experience and I find it encouraging if I have a list of how I feel when I eat unhealthy food versus healthy food.

We are now half way through this challenge.  Great job to everyone participating.  You should really be proud of yourself.

For Challenge 6, we are going to do some research.  I would like each of you to research the web for PCOS sites.  I know there are a lot out there but not all are reputable and useful.  There are a few type of website that women with PCOS frequent.  One is forums or message boards.  Another is sites that we follow to keep up to date on PCOS related information.  Every woman with PCOS needs her "go to" places for accurate, dependable information when you have questions.

When looking for forums/message boards, keep in mind that some only serve the woman that just go to complain.  Try finding some that are uplifting and helpful.  We don't need more to bring us down.  I have recently switched to using facebook pages instead of forums.  One more thing to keep in mind, unless you see credentials, these people are not qualified to give you medical advice.  Take what they say as suggestions to research further and please talk to your doctor before actually doing anything that you question may be right.

When looking for sites to keep you up to date on the PCOS world, keep in mind that not all are going to give you accurate, proven information.  You don't know who is on the other side of that.  It could be a 15 year old girl just finding out about PCOS and posting everything she finds.  Nothing wrong with that but you may want to frequent the sites that are created by professionals like doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and such.  I personally frequent InCYST, PCOS Diva and Dr. Corey on Facebook.  I have a few others like Boston IVF and Natural Health International.  These are what sites I have researched to be credible and up to date in the PCOS world.  It is changing everyday as we learn more and more about this disease.  We need to find sites that are on top of this new information.

Even though I have told you where I go for my information, I would like YOU to research where you feel are great places to frequent.  Bookmark them so when something changes or you need to know more about something, you know where to go quick.  I know we have all googled PCOS symptoms and such.  I have seen numerous times, the same sites pop up with all the different searches.  If there is a place you keep landing for great information, bookmark it.  Simple.

Let's do it!  Feel free to share some of the great sites you have found with us all.  By the way, all the sites I mentioned are on the Power Up for PCOS facebook page under "likes".  I do not get credit or paid to brag about them, I am just sharing what has personally helped me.  You need to judge each site you find on your own to determine if it is useful to you.

Please respond with an "I did it" on the facebook post.  Good Luck!

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