Monday, October 10, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 2

Woo Hoo! Day 1 accomplished.  So many of you posted your results.  This was such an important step in our journey.  Don't ever be afraid to talk about your PCOS.  For me, it has made this journey move forward instead of holding me back.

Now on to Day 2.  Tuesday's challenge is to share your PCOS story.  This is important to show where we were or are at the moment so we can look back and see how far we have come.  I shared my PCOS story on this blog and I look back to about a year ago and I am just amazed at how far I have come.  Make sure as your sharing your story to include emotional heath as well as physical and even spiritual.  This is YOUR story and this should be the last time you are in this place.  From this moment on, you are moving on in your journey.  You are taking charge of your future and you PCOS.  During the rest of this 10 day challenge, you will be working on looking forward and MOVING forward.

To share your story, please e-mail it to  You do NOT need to include your full name.  Just your first name and last initial.  No other contact information will be included.  I will post your story on this blog.

I have now decided as well that since we are all doing this challenge together and working so hard on our new path, we deserve to be rewarded.  Everyone that completes all 10 challenges will receive a personalized certificate e-mailed to them which they can print out and frame. At the end of the challenge when you have completed all challenges, please e-mail your first name and last name to also included in the subject: PCOS Certificate.

Good Luck in Day 2 and have fun!


  1. Whoops! Somehow I missed this yesterday! Shall shoot my story over now!