Sunday, October 9, 2011

Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge - Day 1

Welcome to the Power Up for PCOS 10-Day Challenge.  I'm very excited for the journey we are about to embark on.  Even though it is only 10 days, they will all be very important challenges for our PCOS and will have such a dramatic effect on our lives.

I will post challenges the evening before so you have time to prepare yourself.  Most do not require you to get anything, it is just doing things.

So, here it is!  The first challenge is to go tell 3 people that you have PCOS.  That's it!  You are probably one of two people right now.  You are either thinking to yourself, what's so big about that or you are thinking, NO WAY!  Hopefully, instead of thinking that way, you are thinking, wow, that's great, I can't wait.

So what's the big deal about telling 3 people about your PCOS?  It is so important to talk about your PCOS OUTLOUD.  From my personal experience, it was difficult at first to talk about my PCOS.  I didn't want everyone thinking, oh my, that's why she has those tiny black hairs on her chin or oh my, that's why she's overweight.  We need to get over this thinking.  When I finally got over my fear and started talking about it, I found out people all around me have it and I never knew.  There is nothing to be ashamed about in our PCOS.  So what, I have tiny black hairs on my chin.  Ooh, big deal.  Move on!

What are the benefits of talking about your PCOS?  First, you get over fear and you finally get to the point where you don't care what people think.  Second, you may end up helping someone get diagnosed or feel not so alone our there with their PCOS and so much more.

So that's the big first challenge.  Go out there and tell 3 people about your PCOS.  Let them ask questions and try to answer them if you can.  Tell them a little blurb about it, like the fact that it effects 1 in 5 women or something like that.  Maybe mention some of the symptoms.

I will be doing this 10 Day challenge right along with you.  Please post your experiences, even just a "I did it" on the Facebook page
For some reason, blogger is not letting everyone post, just a few here and there.  I can't even comment on it myself.


  1. Everyone I know is aware I have PCOS, although I dare say very few seem to 'get it'. Maybe I'll educate them a bit!

  2. I did it. It is always hard to explain to people why I look the way I do but people either understand or they don't

  3. I did it. And I have been educating people on it since I found out I have it. I am more comfortable with myself and the disorder since doing so.

  4. I openly talk about PCOS and have since found out that my Aunties have it, and 2 of my friends from high school.